Is Kiwi Good for Weight Loss? (Excellent Choice)

Weight loss is a challenging process; whether you have 5 lbs or 50 lbs to lose, it takes dedication, time, and picking the right foods as often as possible.

Often food can be low in calories but isn’t filling and satisfying, or it can be extremely high in calories and gives you a craving so that you can’t stop until it’s all gone.

Fruit is generally considered a reasonable alternative to processed foods and is required for a healthy diet, but is kiwi the right option to help with your weight loss?

Can Kiwi Help You Lose Weight?

Including kiwi into your weight loss diet will be a significant benefit due to the low calories, high fiber, and micronutrients that enhance your body’s natural fat-burning ability

Your goal when trying to lose weight at a minimum should be to lower your calories to below what your body needs every day so that it uses your fat reserves and slowly drops your weight down. For example, kiwi is only 61 calories for 100g or 42 calories for an average-sized kiwi fruit.

In addition, many of the vitamins and minerals allow your gut health to improve, which lowers inflammation which can cause obesity, and they enhance your body’s own ability to prioritize fat burning for effective weight loss.

Kiwi Nutrition Facts

Kiwi StatsKiwi (100g)Daily % Needed
Total Carbs15 g5%
Fiber3 g12%
Sugar9 g
Protein1 g2%
Vitamin K40μg34%
Magnesium17 mg4%
Potassium312 mg7%
Vitamin E2 mg8%
Vitamin B6113 mcg5%
Vitamin C100 mg154%

Some of the included benefits for weight loss with kiwi include:


The fiber in kiwi is one of the most beneficial components of the fruit. Fiber will fill you up and leave you fuller for longer, which assists with stopping your snacking or cravings.

Gut health is also improved with fiber, especially by limiting the inflammation in your gut that can lead to poor absorption and increased weight gain.

Vitamin C

Low levels of Vitamin C hinder your ability to burn fat during your exercise, and increased levels can enhance your fat burning by up to 30%. So instead of working harder doing cardio or other exercise, you can enhance the effects simply by having enough Vitamin C in your system.

Kiwi vs. Other Weight Loss Foods

Kiwi is one of the best options when compared to other foods that people generally include in their weight loss diets. It’s very low calorie, high fiber, and the sugar is lower than many other fruits.

Mango100 g601.6 g14 gGood
Kiwi Fruit100 g613 g9 gBest
Baby Kiwi100 g552.2 g10 gGood
Orange100 g472.4 g12 gGood
Kale100 g282 g0 gGreat
Sweet Potato100 g86 3 g4.2 gGood

In most situations, you want to weigh up the benefits of the fruits, vegetables, and other foods you want to include in your weight loss diet, rank them, and then include a variety of the best ones into your meals.

Consider combining your favorites to enhance the benefits of each, such as eat a kiwi while sipping on a green tea, but it’s also about which foods you enjoy the most. mango has similar benefits but slightly less fiber; however, it’s much sweeter for people with a sweet tooth.

For people who don’t enjoy fruit, dark chocolate can often be a reasonable alternative as your treat food, but the calories push you to limit your consumption.

How Many Kiwis To Eat A Day For Weight Loss

A single kiwi will cost you 42 calories, a minimal amount on a 2000 calorie diet. You can easily eat 4-5 kiwis every day while keeping your calories low and boosting your fiber intake.

2,000 Calorie DietPercentage Per DayCalories Per Day
Fiber From Carbs20-30 g
Sugar From Carbs50 g194

One of the issues you’ll find with kiwi is that it’s highly acidic, which means the more you eat, the more likely your mouth can start to burn, so it’s best to limit your kiwi intake until you know how many you can eat, 1-2 a day should be fine and gives you many benefits.

When To Eat Kiwis For Weight Loss

For general weight loss, there is no time that is better than others to get the benefits of kiwi in your weight loss; however, kiwi does some additional advantages when included at specific meal times or before certain tasks.

Kiwi has a naturally occurring enzyme that helps to break down and utilize protein more effectively. So if you’re having a high protein meal or simply are looking for enhanced benefits, then eating around the same time as your protein can have advantages.

You’ll also find that kiwi can be a helpful pre-workout snack by providing a sugar boost for energy and additional liquids to keep you hydrated. However, you may want to eat more than one kiwi for a longer workout.

Types Of Kiwi For Weight Loss

Kiwi is easiest and best to consume as a raw whole fruit or sliced into a fruit salad. Like most fruit, the whole you process it, the fewer benefits you get and even the more disadvantages you find for your weight loss.

One of the bigger issues when you process kiwi will be increasing the sugar, lowering the water content, or even destroying the micronutrients through cooking.

Type Of KiwiBeneficial For Weight LossReason
RawEasy to transport
FrozenHard to find
PreservedAdded sugar
CookedMicronutrient loss

Easiest Options To Include Kiwi In Your Diet

The easiest option to include kiwi in your diet, especially for weight loss, is simply to eat a raw kiwi fruit and limit your processing and addition of other foods. 

Often with weight loss, it’s best overall to pick your macros, determine the best foods, and then eat those foods together as separate pieces of food. If they can be combined, that’s helpful, such as with a fruit salad, but the more you process, the more calories and time that are required.

DishCalories With 1 Kiwi
1 Kiwi42
Kiwi + 1 Cup Greek Yoghurt172
Kiwi + Spring Mix Salad62
Fruit Salad (Kiwi + Mango)242

If you find that eating salads other nutritional foods is hard or you just don’t have the time, it’s acceptable to blend up your kiwi, other fruits, and vegetables into a smoothie. 

You will find that things like kiwi, spinach, ice, and even protein powder can be more delicious than the components are separately. You also don’t lose any of the benefits by making your own smoothies as long as the ingredients are all part of your diet plan.

Where To Get Preprepared Kiwi

Kiwi is not often found in other preparations than as a whole raw fruit. Most grocery stores won’t have bags of kiwi fruit in the freezer like you do with other fruits; you also won’t find preprepared packages in the fruit section, so the easiest option is just to get a bag of kiwi fruit from stores like Kroger or Walmart.

There are preprepared drinks with kiwi included, but those are going to have other fruits in that should not really be consumed due to higher calories that won’t fit your macros.