Can You Wear A Crop Top At Planet Fitness?

Planet Fitness has grown itself a reputation for being extremely cheap, especially since it’s also a fully-stocked gym with all the equipment that you could need. Due to this, many people have memberships here and it’s a very popular place to work out.

But maybe you’re new to Planet Fitness and just started your membership there, in which case you might have some basic questions about it. One question that many newcomers to Planet Fitness, and new gyms in general, have is what is allowed to wear there?

After all, different people have different preferences when it comes to workout clothes. So it’s perfectly normal to wonder if your particular preferences will be welcome and allowed in a new gym.

What Tops Are Allowed At Planet Fitness?

Most of your typical workout tops are allowed at Planet Fitness, this list includes popular items such as crop tops, sports bras, bralettes, and collared shirts.

There are very few things that aren’t allowed at Planet Fitness, but tops with hateful, lewd, or offensive messaging aren’t allowed in their gyms. Or tops that present safety concerns, such as extremely baggy clothing, or tops that could damage their equipment.

But just because certain tops are allowed at Planet Fitness doesn’t necessarily mean you should wear them. For instance, they suggest that you ditch the cotton tops in order to avoid all the sweat and stink that comes with them.

Many people also think it’s best if you don’t wear too baggy of clothes, even if it doesn’t present a safety concern, or too tight of clothes. Because either one of these extremes can limit your range of motion and hinder the success of your workout.

What Bottoms And Shoes Are Allowed At Planet Fitness?

Most options for bottoms that you would look at for exercise are probably allowed. Things like yoga pants, sweats, short shorts, and long pants are all perfectly welcome there. And the same is true for shoes, typical workout shoes are probably acceptable.

The same rules for tops apply to bottoms in terms of no offensive, lewd, or hateful messaging allowed. And the same suggestions of not having anything too baggy or tight on, still apply as well. But there are a few bottoms that aren’t allowed at all.

Since no clothing that could damage the equipment or cause you harm are allowed, this prohibits things like jeans and pants with very prominent grommets since they could not only damage the equipment, but possibly cause you to get hung up on equipment as well.

As for shoes, the only ones that aren’t allowed would be open-toed shoes such as sandals or flip-flops. These sorts of shoes could get caught up in the equipment, not to mention that your toes are unprotected in case of an accident such as a dropped dumbbell. Not fun!

What’s The Official Dress Code At Planet Fitness?

Their official policy is that all clothing is allowed except for things that could lead to injury, damage the machines, or contain hateful, lewd, or offensive messages. Overall, it’s a pretty easy one to follow.

Some additional things that aren’t allowed are personal belongings and jewelry. These things should be stowed away in your locker when you enter and aren’t allowed on the club floor. This rule is in place for your protection, and against possible theft.

What Are The Most Popular Things To Wear To Planet Fitness?

Popular clothing choices for Planet Fitness members are pretty much the same as for other gyms. Clothing made out of lightweight materials is always a common choice, and you’ll always see a lot of tank tops and shorts.

People tend to gravitate towards form-fitting workout clothes, and unless it’s in the winter most people think the lighter the better. This is why most of the clothes you’ll see are made out of lightweight materials such as polyester.

In addition to shorts and tank tops, many gym-goers enjoy sweats, yoga pants, and short-sleeved shirts, and in the wintertime, you might even spot a long-sleeved shirt or two. Like with most things, it all depends on personal preference though.

What Should I Wear To Planet Fitness?

Ultimately, you should wear whatever you feel most comfortable into Planet Fitness as long as it follows the guidelines that they’ve listed. Personal preference is everything, and it’s important to be at your most comfortable while you’re working out.

Focus on the materials of the clothing that you’ll wear though, cotton is really uncomfortable if you’re going to be sweating. Polyester is really the best option, it’s comfortable, looks good, and expels sweat instead of holding it in and making you stink after you sweat.

Choose a style and fit that makes you feel confident. You shouldn’t wear shorts if you wouldn’t feel comfortable in them, so wear leggings if you want to. There’s no shame in choosing clothes that you feel the best in, you’ll workout better if you’re not self-conscious.

Don’t forget the shoes! Make sure you have the right size so they don’t slip around too much, and also ensure that you’re getting enough support for your feet to prevent pain later on after you’re done exercising.

And finally, feel free to experiment with your workout clothes as well. Try out different fit, styles, brands, materials, etc until you find the workout clothes that work the best for you and allow you to have the best time at the gym that you can.