Are Flip Flops Allowed at the Zoo?

A day at the zoo is a great way to spend a day. There are many things to see and hear while at the zoo.

If you’re planning on wearing shoes that are designed to protect you from the elements, make sure they are comfortable enough to handle the weather.

Can You Wear Flip Flops at the Zoo?

Generally, you can wear flip-flops at the zoo as there are no rules against open-toed footwear. Guests are required to wear a shirt and shoes while at the zoo. Flip-flops are generally accepted, but toe shoes are recommended due to the uneven ground.

Some exhibits may require the use of closed-toe shoes so it is a good idea to call them in advance to verify. You should also avoid shoes that are too loose or too tight to avoid getting blisters.

For a warm summer day, flip-flops would certainly be a good choice for wearing to the zoo. Although there are some situations where something other than flip flops will be more appropriate

If it has just rained, the zoo will likely be covered in puddles. Wearing flip-flops traipsing through puddles will get your feet soaked.

Likewise, if the weather forecast calls for rain you would not want to be wearing flip flops. For these situations, you would be better off wearing a pair of waterproof shoes instead.

If you plan on spending the whole day at the zoo you will be doing a whole lot of walking. Flip flops aren’t designed for that.

They lack proper cushioning and support. Instead, opt for a pair of nice walking shoes or sneakers.

What Should I Wear to Zoo?

A light-colored shirt or blouse will reflect light rays and keep cool. A loose-fitting skirt or sundress will work with sandals or flats.

When the zoo gets hot, wear loose-fitting shorts or capris over a loose-fitting sundress. A pair of flats or a loose-fitting top will complete the look.