How Should Canvas Shoes Fit?

Shoes are such a big part of our day-to-day, so they should absolutely fit well. But if you are new to a specific shoe, you may not know how they need to feel. So, how should canvas shoes fit? That’s a tricky question that can make or break canvas shoes for you, and it should be something you have in mind every time you decide to buy new shoes. 

So how should canvas shoes fit? While it seems that fit should be relative, there is a guide for canvas shoes.

Canvas shoes should fit with enough space in the front that your toes aren’t touching the front of the shoe. Push your foot to the front and being able to fit at least 1 finger or a part of it in the back; this is a quick test to see if you have enough space for your foot.

Tip: Make sure they don’t feel tight on the sides or too lose, and that you can put them on without a struggle. 

There is more to comfort and fit than just putting the shoe on once, and so you should know some of the things that can affect how you wear your canvas shoe in the long run. In this article, we will help you understand:

  • Steps to break into your canvas shoes
  • What to do if your canvas shoes still feels a bit too tight
  • How breathability is important in canvas shoes
  • How to care for your canvas shoes

With these advices we hope you’ll find it easier to enjoy your canvas shoes, and become a pro in handling canvas shoes if you bought a new pair again in the future.

How to Break in Canvas Shoes

  1. Add flexibility to the material: Gently bend your canvas shoes back and forth, and then side to side. If you bend them aggressively, it might make the crease. Be patient, and bend slowly.
  2. Put on your socks and put your canvas shoes on. Lean forward with one leg in front of the other, then switch legs and repeat. Tiptoe and back on your heels to even better fit.
  3. Wear inside of your home for a few days before you take it outside. This is probably the most effective way to break in your canvas shoes. If it feels tight and needs adjustment, simply take it off and bend/stretch more. Put them back on, rinse & repeat.

If you think it feels too tight after these 3 steps, let’s take a look at what you can do to further stretch canvas shoes:

3 Ways to Stretch Canvas Shoes

Yes, canvas shoes will stretch, but they can fit too tightly When you first bought it. What you can do is to make your canvas shoes stretch on your own if you feel like they are a bit too tight.

Here are 3 simple ways to make your canvas shoes stretch:

1. Microwave your shoes: sounds crazy, right? But don’t give up this idea yet, as heat is a good method to stretch your shoes more quickly. First, make sure there is no metal in your shoes or anything that isn’t microwave safe. Once ready, place the shoes in the microwave for 30 seconds, but do not go over.

Once the 30 seconds are up, grab them carefully, maybe using potholders, and set them on the floor to let them cool down. After around 1 minute, you can put your shoes on. Don’t worry; they’ll be warm, but not scalding hot. Walk and run around, moving your toes as you do. 

You can also put on a pair of extra thick socks because this along with the heat can stretch the material enough to fit your feet better.

2. Use ice instead of heat: using ice is a safe way to stretch canvas without damaging the material. You can fill a Ziploc bag with water, seal it tightly, and place it inside the shoe so that it reaches the toe area. Place the shoes with the bags in the freezer overnight.

Once in the morning, you can take the shoes out and allow them to thaw, which may take some time. After they are dry and ready to be used, they should have more space for your toes.

3. Go with the good old stretcher: if you have a stretcher at home, this may be the easiest option in the list. However, it may not work immediately, and that’s why this is the last option in the list.

Place the shoe stretcher as soon as you get your new shoes, and use it constantly, even after you have worn your shoes a couple of times. The stretch will happen eventually, but it will take some time.

Breathability on Canvas Shoes

Whether they are men’s canvas shoes, canvas shoes for women, or canvas shoes for kids, you do need to be aware of whether they are breathable or not. Canvas isn’t just a durable material. It is also very breathable compared to other shoes, which is why it’s a great option for any kind of weather.

Canvas shoes, like Vans or Keds, are commonly seen as leisure shoes, but they can also be used in casual sports and in the heat. This is why canvas shoes are considered extremely breathable, especially because the material is comfortable, resistant to heat, and flexible too.

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How to Clean Canvas Shoes

As said previously, caring for canvas shoes is very easy and doesn’t take too long. Even if you have sprayed them with a cloth care material, sometimes mud or dirt gets in them. But don’t worry, the steps are quick, and your shoes will look brand new.

  1. Fill a bucket with warm water
  2. Add detergent to the water
  3. Grab a toothbrush or any other kind of brush, and dip it in the water
  4. Scrub the outside of your canvas shoes
  5. Rinse the shoes with clean water from your sink
  6. Squeeze the extra water out and dry the inside of your shoes
  7. Place standing up, and leave them to dry outside or under direct light

A Word From Love At First Fit

The bottom line is that canvas shoes should always fit your feet and feel comfortable, but like every other shoe, they may have an adjustment period. Try stretching them, wearing them around the house, and they will fit snuggly on your feet. Soon enough, you should feel like you’re not even wearing shoes.

Key Takeaways:

  • Canvas shoes should fit with enough room for your toes
  • To break in, bend it, try it on with socks, and walk around in the house
  • You can stretch it using microwave, ice, and stretcher
  • Canvas shoes are very comfortable due to their breathability

Canvas shoes can be very comfortable and stylish footwear depending on how you coordinate them. If you are so happy with your canvas shoes, consider using them for your next job interview with a nice suit and tie. Men’s, women’s, and kids’ canvas shoes are a great choice for any occasion, and they can offer support, breathability, and comfort immediately.

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