What Does GPP Mean In Fitness?

GPP stands for general physical preparedness in fitness. It is a training technique that is mostly used for professional athletes and sportsmen. It works as groundwork for many other exercises and strategies used by athletes.

GPP helps focus on many elements and gain strength, speed and focus. Many professional trainers tend to use this strategy in training their clients. GPP is one of the most underdeveloped aspects of fitness.

Due to advancements in every aspect, the GPP has been the most neglected.

What Does GPP Mean In Fitness?

The general physical preparation (GPP) phase is strategies or tactics used for the training phase step toward the later stages of a person’s physical preparation. It can also be reflected as a training period for general growth but not specifically devoted to it.

GPP can last for up to a month if an individual has been out of the game for a while. During this phase, an athlete works on various aspects of their body to improve strength, flexibility, and endurance.

If you are recovering from a powerlifting injury, then implementing GPP workouts is a good idea. To minimize the risk of injury, athletes should regularly perform GPP to be able to endure the stress and strains of the event.

The GPP is popularly known for laying the groundwork for Special Physical Preparedness (SPP). Once you are done with GPP, then carrying out SPP will become easier for you.

 Effects of GPP Being Underdeveloped and Neglected

Due to GPP not being highly used and neglected by many professional athletes, there are some issues they can face. They think that it is a normal issue that they have or that someone doesn’t even notice it, but it is caused by neglecting GPP.

The GPP being the general physical preparedness, ensures the movement of every muscle to the optimum level. It helps you recover and condition your body. It also ensures that the athlete is not bored by carrying out specific and non-specific exercises.

But if the GPP is neglected to a deep extent, there could be some effects you can experience.

  • Boredom with doing a specific workout
  • Losing out on the basic exercises
  • The GPP exercises are the basic ones, so they are easier
  • Affect your muscle strengthening
  • Focusing on SPP without doing GPP first will have serious effects and can lead to muscle damage.
  • GPP helps you gain speed, endurance and stamina, so neglecting it would not let you enhance these

These are some of the effects that people don’t consider when they are out there neglecting the GPP. It is a specially designed phase or chart by the trainer. Neglecting it would also be disrespectful to your trainer.

What Makes Athletes Neglect GPP?

GPP carries some of the most basic exercises. With time they can benefit you more if carried out regularly. One thing that plays the most important role in neglecting the GPP comes from overconfidence.

The athletes think they no longer have to use the GPP because they are doing some basic and general exercises. That’s something they have been doing in the gym for a long time. They think doing such exercises won’t suit them and it would be better if they spent time on heavy exercises.

But with specialized and experienced consultants, some athletes who understand the benefits of GPP do carry it out. It is something that was created for their benefit. If it wasn’t for them, then something like GPP or other specialized phases and systems would never have been introduced.