World Gym Showers (Hours, Policy, Cleanness & More)

Most gyms in various countries offer free showers and lockers to all members. For example. Planet Fitness is a low-cost gym in the US that provides showers.

World Gym is another excellent chain with basketball courts and saunas. So you may want to know about its showers. If so, below we’ve detailed everything about it.

Does World Gym Have Showers?

World Gym offers showers across all its locations in the US. You can use the service for free if you’re a member of the fitness chain. The best part is that you will also receive locker access for safekeeping your things.

The shower area in World Gym is separated from the locker zone to prevent the area from being wet. Besides that, you will find spacious stalls at this fitness center.

You should also understand the World Gym shower policy to avoid getting into trouble. It will also help you see whether the amenity is suitable for you or not.

World Gym Shower Policy

Firstly, you must be a member to qualify for using a shower at the World Gym. You should also avoid roaming around the gym and the washing zone barefoot. Sandals are the preferable option when using the shower area.

You should wear appropriate clothing before and after using a shower stall. Phones are also not allowed in this zone because of privacy issues. So you must keep the device with your other belongings in the locker room.

Besides that, understanding who can use this amenity at World Gym will also help you avoid facing strikes.

Who Can Use The Shower At World Gym?

Adult and senior members of the gym can use the shower without supervision. Meanwhile, kids aged 14 and above are also allowed to use this amenity. Guests are also entitled to use the shower in this gym.

It is also best to consider the cleanliness of this gym before making any decision. This will help you see if the amenity matches your policies.

How Clean Are World Gym Showers?

World Gym showers are relatively clean to ensure members are entirely satisfied. However, you must remember that this amenity may be unavailable currently at some locations due to the pandemic rules.

Of course, you can still learn more details about the showers, such as whether they are private or not. It will help you make an informed membership decision.

Are World Gym Showers Private Showers Or Open Showers?

The showers at this gym are private and separated through divider walls. So you don’t have to worry about sharing the stall with other members. Shampoo or soap may also be present in the showers. So you may want to know about towels too.

Does World Gym Provide Towels And Lockers?

World Gym provides towels at specific locations, so you should bring your own garment for drying. The fitness chain also offers a spacious locker room to keep things. However, you may have to get a padlock to ensure the safety of your items.