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Love At First Fit is a blog maintained by 2 shoe lovers to share with you all information shoe related. We have scoured the marketplace to find you the best shoes for various activities and occasions. We have many “Best Shoes” articles such as “Top 10 Best Shoes for Boating,” “Shoes that Make You Taller | Best Elevator Shoes,” and “6 Types of Shoes that Go with Flare Jeans.” At the same time, we have compiled many guides related to shoes and foot health to help you tackle whatever shoe or foot related problems you may have. Some examples of these guides are – “Is Walking Every Day Enough Exercise? Answers & Explanation,” “Minimalist Shoes for Walking | Pros & Cons,” and “8 Easy Ways to Give Your Shoes More Traction | Great For Work Shoes.

Our Stories

The Love At First Fit team consists of 2 people – Sydney C. and Andrew L.

Sydney C. is an all around shoe lover. For as long as she could remember, she has been fascinated by shoes. She loves the wonderful feeling of putting a beautiful pair of shoes on her feet. At 16, she worked as a lifeguard for the whole summer just to save enough to buy the very first pair of Christian Louboutin in her life. It was a pair of black stiletto heels with red-lacquered soles – the classic Louboutin. Yes, even as a clueless 16-year-old, Sydney already had impeccable taste in shoes 🙂

That pair of black Louboutin was followed by many others – Louboutin, Manolo Blahnik, Jimmy Choo, Steve Madden, Nike, Adidas, Vans, you name it. High end designers, inexpensive main street brands, high heels, sneakers, hiking boots, running shoes – Sydney loved them all.

But somewhere along the way, something went wrong. First, there came the dull foot pain. Then, the pain got more and more intense and piercing until it got to the point where it became difficult for Sydney to even walk. The doctor told her she had plantar fasciitis, a potentially debilitating inflammation of the thick band of tissue that connects the heel bone to the toes.

Determined to defeat her plantar fasciitis, Sydney started to learn all she could about this condition. Trying to avoid surgery, she underwent physical therapy, got orthotics, learn new exercises, and changed the types of shoes she wore every day. She is now happy to report that she has been pain free for 4 years!

Along the way, Sydney has also turned into somewhat of an expert on foot health. One of the reasons she started this blog is to share with the world all the things she has learned about foot health over the years. If just one person is spared foot pain as a result of reading this blog, Sydney’s goal of starting Love At First Fit would have been fulfilled.

Andrew L. is an avid runner and basketball player. In his spare time, he collects basketball shoes and running shoes. And he reviews them. He has some strongly held opinions on who has the best ball handling skills in the NBA and who has the best low post game. He has equally strong opinions on which basketball shoes have the best traction and which ones have the best cushioning. He will happily spend hours debating with anyone the relative merits of minimalist running shoes and stability running shoes. He keeps in his head a constantly updated top 10 list of the best running shoes on the market.

Andrew is also a men’s fashion enthusiast who has an undying love for denim, especially raw denim. Sometimes he wishes he is living in the Swinging Sixties London. Failing that, he is happy with walking around town wearing Chelsea boots and moleskin skinny pants.

Andrew is fascinated by the world of men’s dress shoes – he could tell you all about the intricacies of wholecut vs. seamless shoes, plain toe vs cap toe, and all the different varieties of brogue (there are 6 of them – full brogue, half brogue, quarter brogue, longwing brogue, austerity brogue, and blind brogue.) He wishes people would stop referring to Derby shoes as Oxford shoes. He thinks that Chukka boots, contrary to common beliefs, can be worn as dress shoes.

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In this blog, we have compiled a lot of information to help you to become more informed about shoes and foot health.

Interested in foot health? Dealing with foot problems such as plantar warts, plantar fasciitis, hammer toes, Achilles tendonitis, bunions, overpronation, supination, or flat feet? Check out our various foot health guides:

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These are just a small part of what we offer in this blog. We are also constantly adding new materials, so do come back often. Join us on our journey to better shoes and better health!