Does Equinox Have A pool?

Equinox gym is a top-notch fitness center that promotes wellness among the elite American citizen. Although they are a little bit expensive, they come with full packages worth the money.

Like the access to all its other locations. But one thing we need to know is whether or not Equinox has a gym. This post contains answers to that. Read on to find out more!

Does Equinox Have A Pool?

Equinox gym is a luxury fitness club with a pool. It gives its members access to it as part of the membership package. This arrangement is ideal for those who prefer indoor swimming or are taking swimming classes.

Since the establishment of the first equinox gym in New York in 1991, the fitness center has seemed to stand out due to its programs.

They have spa services, body massage, yoga, to full-body workouts, but not swimming classes. Not until the later years before pools were added to the fitness centers.        

Which Equinox Location Has A Pool?

There are about 300 Equinox gym locations in major US cities. 35 of those are available in New York. Of the 35, 7 are with standard pools.

They include The Columbus circle, West 67th, East 63rd, Printing house, Greenwich Avenue, Hudson yard, and East 61st locations.

How Big Is The Equinox Pool?

Pools can either be short courses or long courses. Equinox pool is a 25 yards short course pool, the standard size for recreational swimming.

You can take laps in it to push your performance or just to relax in it after your gym session. This size varies for each location.

Some are 18 meters, some are 20 meters like the East 61st Street has an 18 meters pool.

What Are The Equinox Pool Hours?

Although the fitness center is available round the clock, the pools are functional for 12 hours a day throughout the week.

This may be different for each gym location. The pool remains open as long as it is still within business hours.

You should contact the fitness center to know how long the pool stays open in case you want to make reservations.

What Are The Equinox Pool Rules?

All equinox fitness centers have rules guiding their pool use. If you’d be swimming in it, you should adhere to the following;

  • Taking pictures or making videos in private places is prohibited
  • Belongings must be kept in the locker room not cluttering the pool area
  • You are required to take a shower before using the pool
  • When showering, be mindful of the shower time and towel usage
  • Eating, drinking, and smoking around the pool area is prohibited
  • Stay away from the pool if you cannot swim. Lifeguards are not invincible. They are available at strategic places.

Who Can Use The Pool At Equinox?

The pool at Equinox is open to everyone as long as they are members. Not only that, members have to be adults or above 18 before using the pool. If you are below 18, you need an adult to come with you.

Other categories of peopled allowed into the pool are those who take aqua fitness courses and are good swimmers.

Does Equinox Have Swimming Classes?

Equinox is one of the few fitness centers that offer swimming classes. These classes are low-impact ones that target every muscle in a single session.

There are three kinds of training classes; aqua sport, aqua strength, EQX H2O. Each with its target muscles.