Does 24 Hour Fitness Have A Sauna?

People in different countries go to bathhouses and spa clubs for sauna services. However, recently many gyms with showers also have this facility for their members.

24 Hour Fitness is a gym that many people in the US visit. If you want to learn whether they have a sauna or not, please keep on reading.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have A Sauna?

The famous fitness center chain has saunas that people can use to relax. 24 Hour Fitness has been offering this facility for many years. Most locations of this club contain saunas near their locker room. They are mainly built to allow users to relax after training.

24 Hour Fitness have different amenities for their members in the US. Many locations of this chain have sauna rooms. Besides that, the fitness center also has separate steam rooms.

If you’re wondering which locations 24 Hour Fitness has a sauna, you’re in the right place. Here is what you need to know about it.

Which 24 Hour Fitness Locations Have A Sauna?

The locations of this club chain that have a sauna varies. We cannot tell you about all of them. This is because the fitness chain has more than 420 clubs in the US.

Sauna is a service that is offered as an additional amenity by 24 Hour Fitness. So only the well-developed clubs such as super-sport types have them.

Oregon, California, South Carolina, Long Beach are some of the few locations that have super-sport 24 Hour Fitness clubs. Thus, you will easily find sauna services in these regions if you reside there.

Does 24 Hour Fitness Have Infrared Sauna?

24 Hour Fitness does not have infrared saunas. Instead, they have the traditional type rooms. This is because the former type is expensive to install and maintain.

All locations of 24 Hour Fitness that offer sauna amenities do not have an infrared type. Instead, their rooms mainly include traditional type technology and operate on a timer basis. This prevents overexposure to heat.

The facility has many general rules in place to ensure the safety of members. However, they also have specific policies that are limited to amenities such as saunas.

What Are The 24 Hour Fitness Sauna Rules?

There are many rules in place at 24 Hour Fitness regarding sauna use. Here are the guidelines that you must abide by:

  • All users should shower before using the sauna
  • Everyone is advised to bring their own towel
  • People are not allowed to enter the sauna with running shoes. Only slippers should be worn
  • Users should wear appropriate clothing to the sauna
  • No one wearing cutoff shorts, jeans, and street clothes is allowed inside the club

These are some of the rules that you should not break at the fitness center. Otherwise, you will risk the cancellation of your membership and being thrown out of the club.

Apart from that, it is also best to know who can use saunas at 24 Hour Fitness. This is because there are certain user restrictions at all the locations of this club.

Who Can Use the Sauna At 24 Hour Fitness?

The sauna at 24 Hour Fitness can be used by members only. Adults with membership can come anytime to the club to use the sauna. Meanwhile, there are some restrictions regarding minors.

Kids below the age of twelve can enter 24 Hour Fitness if their parents are members. However, they are not allowed to use any service at the center, including the sauna. They should also come with an adult supervisor.

Minors aged 12 and above are allowed to use the sauna service at this club. However, it is not recommended because the heat may be too much for them.

Guests can also use the sauna if they have a pass and a member is accompanying them. The size of the room can also vary depending on the location.

How Big Is The Sauna At 24 Hour Fitness?

The sauna at 24 Hour Fitness is medium-sized and cannot contain a large number of people. At one time, only five to six members could enjoy the amenity.

If you feel cramped up in small spaces, it is not recommended for you to use the sauna at 24 Hour Fitness. Many other gyms also offer this service if you want a spacious option.

Are Saunas Open At 24 Hour Fitness In 2022?

Saunas are open at 24 Hour Fitness currently. If you are a member, you can visit your club right now to use the facility. Be sure to follow the COVID-19 protocols that the fitness chain has implemented.

Traditional saunas are available at most super-sport locations of 24 Hour Fitness. It is compulsory for members to shower at the facility before entering the sauna. They operate during the business hours of the gym chain.