How Long Would It Take To Walk Around The World?

People have done many adventurous things, such as roaming around the world in eighty days. In the same way, many also wonder how long it would take to walk around the world.

Of course, there are many factors that come into consideration here, such as levels of physical fitness and more. If you are wondering how long it would take to walk around the world, you are in the right place.

Here is your complete guide.

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How Long Would It Take To Walk Around The World?

The answer will depend on many factors. That is because the Earth is not a perfect sphere, and it is not equal in each direction.

For example, if you measure along the equator, then the circumference is more than 24,900 miles. However, if you measure the vertical circumference, then it will be more than 24,800 miles.

So, Earth is slightly wider and not tall. If we take into account the average speed, which is three miles per hour, then it will take more than 345 days without stopping around the equator.

If you decide to take the route through the poles at the same speed per hour without stopping, it will take you 344 days to walk around the world. Remember to take into account all the landscapes you will have to walk through, such as ravines, oceans, and even volcanoes.

Has Anyone Tried To Walk Around The World?

There are adventure lovers that have tried to walk around the world. One such adventure lover is Karl Bushby, and he began his Goliath Expedition on 1st November 1998.

Bushby plotted a route of a 36,000-mile line that goes through North America, South America, and Russia and its neighbors. However, Bushby is a realist.

He knew that he couldn’t do the walk without stopping, and his intention was to walk around the world in eight years. That means he would arrive at his destination in 2006.

However, his plan didn’t go as expected because Bushby encountered many hurdles on the way. These include financial problems, visa issues, arrests, floods, and much more.

He is yet to complete his journey, and he is somewhere near Iran right now. So, realistically, it is taking Bushby more than twenty-two years to walk around the world.

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Has Anyone Walked The Earth Successfully?

While the mission of Bushby didn’t complete, there are still people who have taken this feat and become successful. For example, Dave Kunst began his work in 1970 with his brother.

He walked at least more than 14,000 miles in four years. Other people include:

  • Steven Newman: He walked for 15,000 miles in four years and crossed more than twenty countries
  • George Meegan: He walked 19,019 miles in over 2,400 days
  • Rosie Swale-Pope: She was 57 when she decided to run around the world. She traveled to various places such as Iceland, Russia, Canada, and more

These are the brave souls that decided to walk and attempt to make their way around the world. Would you ever dare to take such a feat?

How Long Would It Take To Walk Around The Moon?

If the Earth is not enough, you can also try walking around the moon if you get there. The circumference of the moon is 10,900km.

This means that, in theory, you can easily walk around the entire moon in less than a hundred days. The maximum walking speed on the moon is 5km/hour.

If you indulge in this speed and walk non-stop, you will complete this feat within 91 days. Of course, getting to the moon is a whole different story, as that might be the most difficult task of all.

How Long Would It Take To Walk Around The Sun?

The sun’s circumference is at least 2,700,000 miles, and as humans, we have an average walking speed between three and four miles per hour.

That is why if you walk at three miles per hour to cover the circumference of the sun, you can cover the distance in more than a hundred years without stopping.

Of course, this is not possible at all because no one can walk for a hundred years without stopping. Another reason you can’t partake in this feat is the surface of the sun.

The sun is a big ball of helium and hydrogen, which is why if you ever land on the surface, you will sink. So, walking in the sun is not possible at all, let alone walking around it completely.

How Long Would It Take To Walk The Entire Universe?

Some people dream big and might even want to walk the entire universe. Unfortunately, this is not possible because our universe is bigger than what we can ever imagine.

It is not even humanly possible with a limited lifespan and speed to cover the entire universe. Another reason you can’t walk the entire universe is that the universe is expanding faster than the speed of light.

As a human, even you can’t beat the speed of light. So, if you were planning on walking the entire universe, you would have to put your plans on hold.

How Long Would It Take To Walk Around The Solar System?

Of course, since you can’t walk the entire universe, you might think of walking the solar system. Such a task is also huge, and no one has ever even dared to try this out.

The circumference of our solar system is more than 280 billion km. That is a lot of zeroes, and you can’t possibly cover this entire distance in your lifetime.

For example, if you take the average walking speed, it will take you more than 21,000,000 years to walk around the solar system. So, it is not possible to complete this walk in one lifetime.

You will have to walk around the solar system for thousands of lifetimes. That is why no one has even thought of trying to do this because it is not possible for us.