Is Cheerios Good for Weight Loss? (Better Than Most Cereals)

People who are looking to lose weight through proper dieting, controlling the number of calories consumed during breakfast is one of the most important factors to consider. Which is why many ask the question is Cheerios good for weight loss?

One cup of low-calorie cereal such as Cheerios has only about 140 calories. This can help people lose weight by replacing their usual food with low-calorie options while satisfying the appetite and providing enough energy to burn for the day.

It is important to understand that there are different types of Cheerios on the market. That each type has a different effect on the body, and what you add to the cereal will also affect weight loss.

Weight Loss Benefits of Cheerios

Although many think of cereals as food for children, many adults consume cereals like Cheerios every morning. A good cereal provides the calories needed to get your day started. While keeping the amount of sugar as low as possible.

Cheerios NutritionDaily Value
Calories 140
Fat 2.5g3%
Cholesterol 0g
Sodium 190mg8%
Carb 29g11%
Fiber 4g14%
Sugars 2g
Protein 5g

Cheerios is an excellent cereal for kids and adults looking to lose excess weight. The weight loss benefits include the following.

High Fiber

Aside from the digestive benefits of fiber, it is important to a weight loss diet because it helps you feel fuller. This makes it easier to avoid unwanted snacks.

Cheerios has 4g of fiber, which is more fiber than their competitors:

Cereal BrandsFiber
Cinnamon Toast Crunch2g
Frosted Flakes 1g

Fiber is one of the most important additions to any diet focused on losing weight. Fiber sweeps away excess amounts of sugar and carbohydrates.

Low Sugar

Sugar is a necessary flavoring for most cereals, but only a little is needed. Selecting a cereal low in sugar means

Foods that are high in fiber and low in calories provide the best combination for losing weight. This means that they satisfy the appetite without adding unneeded energy. In terms of Cheerios, there are different types of the product available.

Easy to Make

One overlooked aspect of Cheerios which is common with cereals is that you can make it fast. This means that you can spend less time creating breakfast while having more time to exercise or plan your day.

Additional Benefits of Cheerios:

  • Whole grain
  • Low Fat
  • Gluten-Free
  • Good calcium
  • Lower cholesterol
  • Excellent iron
  • Rich Vitamins

Best Types of Cheerios for Weight Loss

There are currently 18 different types of Cheerios on the market, although not all are available in all areas depending on the season. Most types of Cheerios are not designed for weight loss. The three main types that are marketed as such include the following.

  • Cheerios
  • Honey Nut Cheerios
  • Multi-Grain Cheerios

Not all types of Cheerios are alike. For those seeking effective weight loss, there are only a few to consider since most types are loaded with extra sugar.  


This is the original version of Cheerios and is still the most popular on the market. What may be surprising to many is how well-suited this version is to help people lose weight.

That’s because original Cheerios is low in sugar, and high in fiber. It contains more fiber than most types of Cheerios and less sugar. This makes it the ideal choice for those considering losing some excess weight.

Honey Nut

This is one of the most popular variations of Cheerios on the market today. In fact, it has been promoted by General Mills as being heart-healthy while offering the taste of natural honey.

But honey contains extra sugar which makes this type less likely for you to lose the unwanted pounds. And while the three grams of soluble fiber help sweep away the excess sugar, it does not contain as much compared to the original Cheerios.


Just from the title you might assume that this is the best type of Cheerios for weight loss. However, this version has six grams more of added sugar compared to the original Cheerios.

While the amount of sugar is not considered high, that is an added energy source which is not needed.

What may surprise you is that standard Cheerios has up to 40% more fiber compared to the multi-grain version.

The surprise comes from the assumption that many people make about multi-grain food products. They are not necessarily higher in fiber compared to other versions.

How to Eat Cheerios to Lose Weight

Choosing the right type of Cheerios is the first step. The next is combining the cereal with other foods that help burn away the excess fat.

It is highly recommended that you add fruit such as blueberries to the cereal. But that is not all you can do to maximize the effectiveness of the Cheerios.

For those who are interested in losing weight, the first important point is that you should eat breakfast. The fuel you put into your body is what helps you to burn unwanted fat.

It also helps you avoid overeating during the day. When you consume enough calories to get your day started, they will burn away without being stored as fat.

Since Cheerios is not dense in energy, meaning it has plenty of fiber, you can get the calories needed without worrying about overloading your system.

  • Eat One Bowl of Cheerios Every Morning
  • Add Blueberries or Other Fruit to the Cereal
  • Drink Natural Orange Juice
  • Cut Back on Breads

Of course, a single bowl of Cheerios may not provide enough energy, so you may need to supplement it with other foods such as eggs or bacon. Avoid pancakes or waffles as they only add unwanted calories that are harder to burn away.

However, to ensure that you will lose sufficient weight each week on your diet, you should strive for a calorie deficit of at roughly 500. To make up for this deficit, the body is forced to burn away the fat.

So, is Cheerios good for weight loss? If you consume original Cheerios, you will get the maximum weight loss benefits. You can add fruit such as blueberries for flavors which includes more fiber and much-needed vitamins and minerals without adding any fat.