8 Reasons why you need a pair of waterproof shoes

If you are one of the outdoorsy types, then you must understand just how annoying it is when the rains hit.

So, what do you do when it’s all well and gross outside? Become an absolute home buddy like my brother Dan, or wing it with waterproof shoes?

We all probably know why anyone would need waterproof shoes, to banish the wetness most people would say. But, believe it or not, there are a lot more reasons why you would need a pair of waterproof shoes, and we will touch on them below.

1. Guard your Feet from Water

From the name waterproof, the reason anyone would invest in a pair of good quality waterproof shoes would be to protect their feet from murky water on the street on the rainy days, or just on any day.

With runoff water in the street, just about anything can be in it. From harmful microorganisms to dirt, which contain even more harmful microorganisms!

I have had a foot infection at one point in my life, and trust me when I say that it wasn’t like anything I would ever like to experience again.

Investing and having on waterproof shoes, especially when you are sure that you would be headed to places with runoff water in them, is one of the ways you can protect your feet from a foot infection, and the general exposure of your feet to harmful disease-causing microorganisms.

2. Protection of the Shoes

Yes, protecting your feet and the general body from harmful external factors is an excellent idea, but protecting your shoes is also important.

Investing in great quality shoes in excellent, but even the best leather and other stuff great quality shoes are made of (I never said I was an expert on shoes generally) can get damaged by water and other external elements.

Waterproof shoes come protected, as they would last way longer than your typical shoe design, hence, letting you get even more wear out of it, and ultimately get more value for your money.

You know how sometimes our feet sweat, and the insides of said shoes begin to get damaged from all that internal moisture? well, the waterproof nature of some shoes also protects the inside of your shoes from getting damaged by sweaty feet.

Just like water can’t penetrate the outside part of your shoes, the same goes for the insides of your shoes.

3. Help you Navigate Better

Listen, I’m not saying that you are going to get chased down by a serial killer at any point in your life, but hear me out, what if?

Trying to run in traditional shoes on surfaces that aren’t dry and smooth, might be a total buzzkill when you are trying to get a run in, for whatever reason.

The waterproof nature of the material used to make waterproof shoes, and the structure of waterproof shoes, definitely go a long way to give you that well-needed support, for when you have to run through some not so tasteful areas.

If you are a big runner generally, investing in a few waterproof workout shoes can make a world of difference for your work out endeavors.

4. Keep Your Feet Warm & Prevent Frostbites

Especially in the winter, investing in a pair of winter boots with an added level of waterproof design would help to keep your feet warm and cozy as you go about your day.

Sometimes, doubling up on the socks and chunky boots could do the trick, but for some of us, not even letting the cold in, to begin with, is our best line of defense in the colder months.

Having warm feet could carry that well-needed warmth all through your body, and help you feel less cold.

5. Shield your Feet against Harmful Chemicals

As stated above in this article, runoff water contains a whole lot of unknown substances and organisms in them, and one other thing that a pair of waterproof shoes can protect you from, are harmful chemicals.

When it rains, chemicals, debris, and a ton of other unsavory substances are washed off from lots of places, and they all mix together, to become even more toxic before this runoff water gets to you, or you get to it.

With a pair of good quality waterproof shoes, your feet are completely protected, as these harmful chemicals aren’t able to penetrate these waterproof shoes, and cause your feet any harm.

7. Slip Resistance against Water and Snow

Honestly, it doesn’t even have to be a wet surface, or even in the snow, slips can occur at any time and place, but with waterproof shoes, you have an adequate slip grip, which gives you more control over your movement on any surface.

You can never be too careful; hence a pair of good waterproof shoes do come in very handy often.

8. Less Chance of Forming Blisters from Rubbing

Heck, I can’t wear any kind of shoe without having a pair of socks on because my feet tend to bruise when it rubs against any kind of shoe material, no matter how smooth and comfortable it is.

Especially as a very active person, traditional type shoes might cause some bruises, and ultimately painful blisters if you aren’t careful.

Lots of waterproof shoes, due to their structure, would protect your feet and prevent blisters from forming.

Not only are you in no pain as you go about your day, but you are also comfortable for as long as you have the shoes on.


Investing in good quality traditional shoes is a great treat for your feet, but also investing in a pair or two of waterproof shoes, especially those for activewear, will save you a world of stress!

Your feet are the base of your being, and if they aren’t well cared for, your functioning might not be very up to par!

Take care of yourself by being safe and invest in quality protective waterproof shoes today!

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