Are Tortilla Chips Good for Weight Loss? (Generally, No)

Most people think chips and snacks are healthy for diet only if consumed in a limited quantity. If you like tortilla chips, there may be something that you can do and not affect your diet. Keep reading, as this guide will help you get a better understanding.

Tortilla chips are not good for weight loss as they are high in calories. Most tortilla chips are deep-fried and high in fat, making in unhealthy for weight loss. Baked tortilla chips with salsa and corn instead of flour is a better option if you’re trying to watch your weight.

Weight loss and diet are very sensitive and require you to keep track of every nutrient you digest. Therefore, it is important to understand every food that you want to consume.

If you are a tortilla chips lover, the best types of tortilla chips are low in sodium and oven-baked. That would be perfect and help you satisfy your cravings during your diet.

Ensure the tortilla chips you pick in your diet are low in sodium and made with healthy ingredients such as brown rice, quinoa, oats, and others. Therefore, always know what you are consuming.

Why Tortilla Chips Are Not Recommend For Weight Loss?

Tortilla chips can be good to eat on a diet but only in moderation. Excess consumption can help you gain weight, which would be the last thing you want.

Some reasons why not many people recommend consuming tortilla chips on a diet.

  • May give you an excuse to consume other unhealthy snacks
  • High sodium in some tortilla chips can contribute to weight  gain
  • Better options are available to eat for weight loss other than tortilla chips
  • Difficult to consume tortilla chips in moderation due to their deliciousness

That is why you find many people who would recommend you eat tortilla chips for weight loss. Avoiding them and replacing them with other healthy consumables and snacks would be best.

Corn Tortilla Chips vs. Flour Tortilla Chips

The argument between corn and flour tortilla chips is a long one going on. Generally, corn tortilla chips are better for weight loss when compared to flour tortilla chips. The nutritional value and ingredients make corn tortilla chips a better option.

  • Flour tortilla chips contain more calories and more fat
  • They can contribute a lot to weight gain if consumed excessively
  • For people with sensitive digestion systems, flour tortilla chips can create digestion issues
  • Flour tortilla chips with healthier ingredients and better nutritional value may be difficult to find
  • Flour tortilla chips contain additives and other unhealthy ingredients

Flour tortilla chips are the unhealthiest variety of tortilla chips that you will find available. Therefore, it would be best to avoid them and go for the healthier option of tortilla chips available in the market.

Don’t forget to read the nutritional value of the tortilla chips you are considering getting for yourself.

Eating Tortilla Chips With Salsa Is A Good Option

Tortilla chips are a snack that is best consumed with side dips. One of the most popular dips to use with tortilla chips is salsa. The combination of salsa and tortilla chips is unbreakable.

Many people think that salsa is an unhealthy option. But it is the opposite case. Salsa is made from fresh ingredients and contains very few calories.

Therefore, consuming salsa with tortilla chips is a good option as it doesn’t affect your diet much and improves taste.

Tips For Consuming Tortilla Chips The Healthy Way

Some tips would help you consume tortilla chips and stay on the healthy track. Make sure to keep in mind each tip to make it easier for you.

  • Blue corn tortilla chips are higher in fiber compared to other tortilla chips.
  • Don’t go for flavored tortilla chips as they have a high sodium level
  • If tortilla chips that you are eating have trans-fat, then make sure there is a hydrogenated vegetable oil
  • Always go for the lightly salted or unflavored tortilla chips
  • Baked tortilla chips are a better option to tackle the unhealthiness of deep-fried tortilla chips.