Do Curves Have A Sauna?

Sauna is one of the most common amenities found in Gyms and fitness centers across the country. Therefore, it is important to get a membership for those gyms which offer services like sauna, pool and etc.

Curve is a gym designed especially for women and their vision is to only serve women’s health and fitness. They’ve been in business for around 30 years now and here is something you should know about them.

Does Curves Have A Sauna?

Curves is a popular women’s fitness gym that does not offer a sauna for its member and guests. You may have to get a membership at any other gym if you require this service. However, they offer one-on-one classes and boxing as well.

The gym and fitness center have many branches across the US and other continents and every location is unique and has specialized women coaches.

You may be wondering if all the branches do not have a sauna. After all, the Curves fitness chain is not only famous in the US.

Do All Curves Location Don’t Have A Sauna?

All the locations of Curves don’t have a sauna for members and guests. They offer quick workout sessions and specialized fitness classes for women to improve their experience.

Besides that, after the pandemic, they have started offering workout plans to do at home. They are focused on working on women’s health and wellness at any cost.

There may be reasons why Curves do not offer a sauna and other amenities. This will help you know more about the Curves chain.

Why Doesn’t Curves Have A Sauna?

The main reason why Curves does not offer sauna services is that they aren’t designed to offer relaxation amenities. Their main goal is to offer quick working sessions, cardio, balance, and other fitness educational services.

Other than this, the rising financial costs and Covid-19 may have contributed to this decision. Therefore, it is not expected of them to offer a sauna or other amenities anytime soon.

If you consider these amenities in the gym you want to join, then Curves is not the one. If you are looking for a sauna in a gym, you should consider joining other gyms.

What Other Gyms Have A Sauna?

One of the top leading gyms in the industry that offers a sauna is LA Fitness. However, there are other top gyms as well that offer saunas, it includes 24 Hour Fitness and YMCA.

These are not the only gyms that offer saunas. Gyms such as Equinox, Lifetime Fitness, all other gyms offer saunas and other amenities.

However, if you are dedicated to going to Curves due to their only women’s environment, you can check other places with a Sauna nearby.

Where Else Can You Go To Use A Sauna?

There are many spa services that offer sauna and other services. There are sauna houses and a public bathhouses with steam rooms to offer a similar experience.

You can also join health clubs that offer sauna services to improve your gym experience. However, it would be best to join another gym with similar services.