Does World Gym Have A Basketball Court? (Answered)

World Gym offers various types of equipment such as barbells, dumbbells, and bench tops. Their facilities and amenities include Yoga, Zumba, free wifi, personal trainers, saunas, tanning, and cafes with a smoothie bar.

Does World Gym Have A Basketball Court?

World Gym is a famous fitness chain that offers basketball courts, tennis courts, and much more. The best part about this space is that it is indoor and full-sized. So you can use the basketball court at World Gym on rainy days.

This fitness club was founded in 1976 by Joe Gold, the founder of Gold’s Gym. A key thing to note is that most locations have been offering basketball courts since they were found.

You may also be wondering whether all locations of the World Gym have a court. World Gym has 200 branches in more than 20 countries, find a location near you using their location finder.

Which World Gym Locations Have A Basketball Court?

World Gym does not offer basketball courts at all of its locations in the US and international branches. The facility has also not disclosed the list of clubs with this amenity.

The top way you can learn whether your nearest location has a court is by calling the branch. You can directly speak to a manager about the basketball court availability and policy.

World Gym Basketball Court Policy

This fitness chain does not have a specific policy for its basketball court. You will have to follow the general guidelines that apply to this space. Here are the rules you should adhere to:

  • No walking barefoot around the court
  • You must wear proper basketball shoes or athletic footwear
  • No food items are allowed on the court
  • Water is the only liquid you can use in the basketball zone
  • You must follow the club policy within the court area too

Besides that, the fitness chain also restricts who can use the basketball court. This is why you should understand the rules to avoid arguments with the staff.

Who Can Use The Basketball Court At World Gym?

You should note that you must be a member of this gym to use the basketball court. Besides that, you should also be an adult to use the space without restrictions.

Guests can also use the basketball court when visiting the fitness chain with a free pass. Kids are allowed to play the sport in the basketball zone as well.

However, World Gym only allows kids aged 14 and above to enter the basketball court. Not only that, but minors also have to be supervised by a family adult.

The court size of the gym is also an essential thing to be aware of. This will help you learn whether the space is suitable for your needs.

How Big Is The Basketball Court At World Gym?

World Gym has full-sized basketball courts at the relevant locations. The area is also indoor and comes with two hoops on both sides of the court. So you can play the game with a complete team easily.

Other Gyms That Have Basketball Courts

GymMembershipBasketball Court
Crunch Fitness$9.99/moInformation
World Gym$19.95/moInformation
Life Time Fitness$29.99/moInformation
Gold’s Gym$29.99/moInformation
LA Fitness$38.99/moInformation
24 Hour Fitness$46.99/moInformation

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