Does New Balance Run Big Or Small?

New Balance has been the champion of elevating sportswear in the modern world. If you want one of the most comfortable activewear and sneakers, there is no better brand. However, it is crucial to get the right size for yourself.

On the other hand, if something doesn’t fit you right, you can always return it. According to the New Balance return policy, you can return any time within forty-five days of your purchase. Of course, you should always return the items in the state they were in when you received them.

Once you return, you can place a new order on the New Balance website of the right size. However, finding the right size has never been easy. Here is your complete guide on the various sizes of what New Balance offers.

Does New Balance Shoes Run Big Or Small?

New Balance mostly runs true to size. Consumers report that the footwear and sneakers are always the right sizes. Of course, there are some exceptions where an activewear item by New Balance may run big or small.

New Balance ItemsFit
ShoesTrue to size
ShirtsTrue to size
TightsTrue to size
ShortsTrue to size
Sports brasRun small
SkirtsTrue to size

New Balance shoes run true to size. The brand offers various shoes depending on the activity you want to do. For example, they offer shoes for running, walking, golf, baseball, hiking, and much more.

The best part is that the brand also offers shoes for people with wide feet. New Balance offers shoes for men and women. Almost all men and women report that the sneakers run true to size and offer the most comfortable fit.

Other Brands Size Fitting

NikeRun Small
AsicsRun Small
New BalanceTrue to Size
ReebokTrue to Size
PumaRun Small
AdidasTrue to Size
Under ArmourRun Small
LululemonRun Small

New Balance Shirts Run True to Size

The brand offers short-sleeved t-shirts for men and women. The primary focus is to offer t-shirts that allow working out and sports activities.

When it comes to women, the brand only offers short-sleeved shirts. According to many consumers, the shirts fit true to size, no matter the material. So, you don’t have to go upwards or downwards when it comes to sizing.

On the other hand, New Balance offers sleeveless shirts and short-sleeved shirts for men. The short-sleeved shirts are true to size, but the sleeveless shirts might run big. That is why if you are planning on ordering the sleeveless shirts, you should order one or two sizes downwards, depending on your measurements.

New Balance tights run true to size

The brand offers many tights for women, such as performance, lifestyle, and running. All of them will run true to size.

Remember that the tights have compression material, and they will have a snug fit. However, the snug fit will not be too tight that it hinders your sports performance. Many consumers report that the snug fit is lightweight and comfortable enough to be active for extended periods.

So, no matter what collection you buy the tights from, you can order your true size. If you want a loose fit, you should go one size upwards, and the fit will be comfortable.

New Balance shorts run true to size

The brand offers various shorts for men and women. Almost all of them will run true to size, besides a few exceptions.

Many women report that all the shorts run true to size. However, the fitted shorts run a little snug because they are meant to hug your skin. So, if you want more room and comfort, you should go one size upwards when it comes to these shorts.

Men also report that almost all the shorts run true to size. However, if you have bulky legs, you should go one size upwards to have a more roomy fit. On the other hand, if you choose fitted shorts from the men’s collection, you should opt for one size upwards in such shorts.

New Balance sports bras run small

The brand offers various sports in different fits, which include high impact, medium impact, and fashion. Almost all of them will run small because sports bras are meant to be snug.

When it comes to fashion sports bras, you can stay true to size as they will not hinder your activity or performance, and they are more comfortable. On the other hand, if you choose the high-impact or medium impact bra, you should go one size upwards. Sizing up will ensure you have all the comfort and support you need while working out.

Remember that finding the right bra is a trial and error process and depends on your bust size. Many women report that they stay true to size, and it offers them a perfect fit. So, you can experiment with sizes to see which one fits you in the best way possible.

New Balance skirts run true to size for women

The brand offers sportswear skirts and dresses for women. Most of them report that the skirts fit perfectly.

New Balance also offers skorts, which are a cross between skirts and shorts. If you are planning to buy one of these, you might have to go one size upwards. That is because the skorts might offer a snug fit.

New Balance is true to size for men and women

The brand is famous for offering the best shoes, which is what you will love when you purchase them. However, all the other activewear is also comfortable and fantastic.

Only the sports bras will run a little small, and you will have to one size upwards for the perfect fit. Once you find the best fit, your New Balance items will last a long time to come. So, choose your size today and order the best activewear today.