Does Under Armour Run Small? (Or True to Size?)

Under Armour has slowly made its way into the world of athletic wear. It offers some of the best sportswear, especially for men. The variety they offer is diverse, and the clothing is comfortable.

If the clothing did not fit you, Under Armour have a 60 days return policy. Exchanges and returns for items purchased from, the UA app, or any of the company’s stores are free within 60 days window

Here is a list of general fitting for similar brands:

NikeRun Small
AsicsRun Small
New BalanceTrue to Size
ReebokTrue to Size
PumaRun Small
AdidasTrue to Size
Under ArmourRun Small
LululemonRun Small

Under Armour’s return policy show that it normally take 3-10 days for your returns to arrive. It can take up to 2 weeks to get your returns processed, and additional 3-5 days for the refund to show on your account.

Although Under Armour clothing tend to run small, if you bought a bigger size and it turns out to be too big, you can return it in store with a receipt or process a return online through their website with your transaction # shown on your receipt.

Does Under Armour Run Small?

Yes, Under Armour clothing runs on the small and snug side. If you want a roomy and comfortable fit, it is always better to order one size upwards. Besides that, if you have a broad chest, you should order a size upwards as Under Armour clothing tends to constrict the chest.

Under Armour ClothingFit
ShoesRun Small
LeggingsTrue to Size
ShortsRun Small
Sports BraTrue to Size
JacketsRun Small
VestsRun Small
Tank TopsRun Big on Men and Small on Women
ShirtsRun Small
HoodiesTrue to Size
PantsTrue to Size
DressesTrue to Size
UnderwearTrue to Size

Do Under Armour Shoes Run Small?

Yes, Under Armour shoes run small. However, it depends on the shoes you are buying as some also run true to size. The brand offers options that run big or small depending on your preference and comfort.

If you have wide feet, it is best to go a size upwards to get a comfortable and perfect fit. Some consumers also report that they run a little wider than normal. Of course, that depends on what shoe you are purchasing.

It is best to understand the shoe sizing guide by Under Armour and look at it before you decide to purchase. Once you understand their sizing and the type of shoes they offer, you can opt for a more accurate shoe size.

Men’s Shoes Size Chart:


Women’s Shoes Size Chart:

CMEuroUKUS Women

Do Under Armour Leggings Run Small?

Under Armour leggings run true to size. The brand offers a compressive and comfortable fit that will fit you perfectly. That is because the leggings are manufactured from Under Armour’s HeatGear material.

The material is created to keep your body cool and dry while working out. That is why it is the best fit for summers. The size of women’s leggings ranges from XS to 3XL.

Even if you are plus-size, you can easily find the best and comfortable fit for yourself. Consumers report each legging is true to size, so choose your standard size. Once you do, you will love the fit and feel of the material.

All Women’s Bottoms Size Chart:

XXS024.5 – 25.533 – 34.5
XS0 – 225.5 – 2734.5 – 36
S6-Apr27 – 2936 – 38
M10-Aug29 – 3138 – 40
L14-Dec31 – 3440 – 43
XL1634 – 3743 – 46
XXL1837 – 39.546 – 48.5
1X16W – 18W39 – 43.547 – 50.5
2X20W – 22W43.5 – 48.550.5 – 54.5
3X24W – 26W48.5 – 5354.5 – 58

Do Under Armour Shorts Run Small?         

Yes, Under Armour shorts for women and men may run small. However, the final size and fitting depend on the shirts’ style, material, and fit. That is why you need to understand what you are purchasing before getting the right fit.

Under Armour offers women’s and men’s shorts in three various fits, which include: loose, compression, and fitted. The fitted and compression shorts are meant to fit snugly, which is why if you like a more comfortable fit, the shorts will run small. For the fitted and compression shorts, it is best to go one size upwards.

On the other hand, you can stay true to size when it comes to loose shorts. Such shorts are true to size for men and women, which is why you will not have to adjust your sizing. So, be sure to understand the fit of the shorts before your purchase.

Do Under Armour Sports Bras Run Small?

Under Armour sports bras run true to size for the most part. Their sports bra material is comfortable, lightweight, and offers a lot of support to the individual. While most sports bras run true to size, it depends on your cup size and other factors.

For example, the sports bra will run true to size if you are anywhere between an A and D cup. However, if you are anywhere above a D cup, you might feel that the bras run small. That is why if your cup size is E or upwards, you should always order one or two sizes upwards, depending on the fit you like.

The bigger sizes run small because of the compression material that may constrict your breasts. Under Armour bras come in three support types: low support, medium support, and high support. You should always opt for high support if you want a comfortable fit in a bigger size, but people with A to B cups can opt for low support.

Sports Bra Size Chart:


Do Under Armour Jackets Run Small?

Yes, Under Armour jackets run small, especially if you wear a smaller size. The jackets are manufactured to fit snugly and offer you a slim fit. However, it depends on the type of jacket and the size you want to purchase.

For example, the smaller sizes are snug when it comes to men’s and women’s jackets. So, you should size upwards if your standard size is XS or S. On the other hand, many consumers with L and XL sizes complain that the jackets run too big, especially the sleeves.

That is why if you are on the larger end of the size spectrum, it is a good practice to size down if you want a comfortable and decent fit. Otherwise, the jacket might be too loose on you. This is true for women’s and men’s jackets.

Do Under Armour Vests Run Small?

Yes, Under Armour vests run small. The brand offers vests for women and men to wear during cold weather or sports activities. Depending on the style and the vest, you might have to go a size upwards.

Under Armour vests will fit sung on men and women. If you are a tall and slim man, it is best to go one size upwards to get a more comfortable and decent fit as the length may be short for you. On the other hand, if you are a size medium or large, you should also size upwards because the vest will be tight on you.

When it comes to women’s vests, they are snug, too, especially smaller sizes. If you want a roomy vest with some space to breathe, you should always go one size upwards. Once you do, you will love the fit and the material of these fantastic vests.

Do Under Armour Tank Tops Run Small?

Under Armour tank tops tend to run big on men and small on women. It depends on the material and style of tank top you are purchasing. Another factor that contributes to buying the right size is your body type.

When it comes to men’s tank tops, Under Armour tends to run big, as reported by many consumers. The armholes and the tank top length are reported to be too large and more suitable for ripped or bulky men. So, if you are not bulky, you should always size down when purchasing Under Armour men’s tank tops.

If you are a woman purchasing tank tops, it is best to size upwards. The tank tops are manufactured with a dri-fit material, which will be snug and tight on you. That is why you should size upwards if you plan on purchasing the women’s tank tops.

Do Under Armour Shirts Run Small?

Yes, Under Armour men’s and women’s shirts run small as they are created with a snug fit. If you plan on purchasing short and long-sleeved shirts, it is best to size upwards for a more breathable fit. There are some loose-fitting shirts available too at Under Armour.

As a general rule of thumb, you should always check the material of the shirt before purchasing. For example, if the shirt is made of compression or dri-fit material, it will be highly likely to be small on you. On the other hand, if the shirt seems loose-fitting, you can stay true to size.

It is always best to check the shirt sizing guide, the picture, and the material before making a final decision. All of them will help you understand if you should size upwards or down. However, it is best to size upwards if you workout and don’t want the shirts to be too fit.

Women’s Shirt Size Chart:

Bust (cm)Waist (cm)US sizes
XS78.7 – 83.858.4 – 63.50 – 2
S85.1 – 90.264.8 – 69.94 – 6
M91.4 – 96.571.1 – 76.28 – 10
L97.8 – 102.977.5 – 82.612 – 14
XL104.1 – 109.283.8 – 88.916
XXL111.8 – 116.891.4 – 96.518

Men’s Shirt Size Chart:

Chest (cm)Waist (cm)
XS79 – 8671 – 74
S86 – 9474 – 79
M94 – 10479 – 86
L104 – 11286 – 94
XL112 – 12294 – 104
XXL122 – 132104 – 116
3XL132 – 142116 – 127
4XL142 – 152127 – 138
5XL152 – 163138 – 150

Do Under Armour Hoodies Run Small?

Under Armour hoodies run true to size. The brand offers a comfortable, breathable, and lightweight material that will keep you warm. You don’t have to size up or down as it offers a perfect fit.

Under Armour manufactures hoodies for men and women. The fit is true to size for both genders, as you can order your standard size. Once you do, you will love the material and what it has to offer.

One thing you need to keep in mind is that consumers report the hood being too big. However, that is not a cause for concern as the hoods are typically large to cover the entire head. So, you should stay true to size, and you will realize that the hoodie is an ideal fit.

Do Under Armour Pants Run Small?

Under Armour pants run true to size. The brand offers one of the best selections of bottoms for men and women. You will find joggers, fleece pants, flare pants, track pants, cargos, and much more, as the list is endless.

While most of the Under Armour pants run true to size, it also depends on the pant type, style, and material you purchase. The flare pants will always be true to size when it comes to women’s pants, but the joggers can tend to run big sometimes. It is best to check your size before purchasing.

On the other hand, Under Armour offers fitted pants too for men, which is why you might have to size upwards if you want a comfortable fit. Besides that, all other pants that Under Armour offers runs true to size. Once you order them, you will love the fit and the material.

Do Under Armour Dresses Run Small?

Under Armour dresses run true to size for all women out there. The brand offers some great sports dresses you can wear for golf, tennis, and many other sports activities. They run true to size and will offer you a perfect fit.

Keep in mind that it is best to go one size upwards if you are a size large or upwards. That is because the dresses are created keeping fit women in mind, which means that you will have to size up if you are a size large. Once you do, you will get a perfect fit.

Under Armour also creates rompers for women, and they run true to size as well. So, if you plan on purchasing a romper or dress, you should stick to your standard size.

Does Under Armour Underwear Run Small? 

No, Under Armour underwear runs true to size. The brand offers underwear to men and women, and they run to true to size for both genders. You will not have to size up or down as it will be a perfect fit.

Does Under Armour Clothing Run Small?

Yes, Under Armour clothing typically runs on the small side. Of course, it depends on what you are purchasing, the material, and the style. It is a good practice to go one size upwards if you want a comfortable and roomy fit.

Most Under Armour clothing is made of a dri-fit material, which is why it will run small. It is best to check the material before you purchase to invest your money appropriately. Dri-fit materials will always be snug, and for them, you need to buy a bigger size.

On the other hand, the leggings and bottoms run true to size mostly.