Does World Gym Have A Sauna?

Sauna, swimming pool, and massage are the basic amenities that every gum should have. These help a member or guests relax after a workout session.

World Gym is a gym for everyday athletes and only has one aim, to make you stronger and fitter. There are various World Gym locations across the US.

You may be wondering if they offer a sauna for their members and guests. Here is everything that you need to know about World Gym and its amenities.

Does World Gym Have A Sauna?

World Gym offers a sauna at all its location across the US. Not only the sauna, but they also have swimming pools, MMA studio, and many more. You can use their sauna by getting their membership at World Gym.

They have the best sauna equipment with wooden benches and spacious rooms. This helps provides a relaxing environment for your sauna experience.

However, there are some rules and regulations one has to follow to use their sauna. If anyone fails to comply with the guidelines it can lead to membership cancellation.

World Gym Sauna Rules

The most important rule to follow is that you must shower before you go in. Without taking a shower it is possible that you may be carrying potential bacteria into the sauna.

Sauna is a room shared by other members as well. Always wear a towel or bathing suit, nakedness can result in membership cancellation.

We know a sauna can be relaxing and you may be enjoying it a lot. However, a member should only spend 15-20 minutes in the sauna room to make room for others as well.

Be quiet at all times and don’t try to gossip and talk loudly with your friends. Members want to enjoy the relaxing environment so it can disturb others and they can file a complaint against you.

Before going in, it is better to learn about the type of sauna the World Gym chain has equipped.

What Type of Sauna Does World Gym Have?

World Gym offers amenities from a sauna to basketball courts and many more. However, amenities can vary from different locations.

In the USA, they offer wet saunas as well as in Canada. In Australia, they offer infrared saunas and have separate locker rooms for men and women. Therefore, in any location, you join it is better to understand the type of sauna they have.

Different types of saunas require some changes in rules. Knowing the temperature of the sauna room would also help you decide if you should use a steam room instead.

World Gym Sauna Temperature

The sauna temperature at World Gym can reach up to 180 to 200 degrees Fahrenheit. On the other hand, steam room temperature can reach up to 120 degrees Fahrenheit.

You must also understand who should use the sauna at World Gym. Not everyone can use their amenities.

Who Can Use The Sauna At World Gym?

Men and women, both members can enjoy sauna services at World Gym. Guests can also use the sauna and other amenities with a guest pass.

They offer a free guest pass for a member’s family and friends.