Equinox Sauna & Steam Room

Many gyms offer sauna services as an additional amenity in the US. For instance, LA Fitness has a traditional sauna room for relaxation.

Equinox is an affordable gym that has childcare, personal training, classes, and much more. If you want to know whether this chain has a sauna, you’re in the right place.

Here is all the information you need.

Does Equinox Have A Sauna?

Equinox is a famous gym chain with a sauna room for relaxation after workout sessions. To qualify for this amenity, you must be a member of this gym chain. The sauna room is spacious and has wooden benches for sitting while enjoying the heat.

A key thing you must note is that the sauna service is not available at all Equinox locations. This is why you must contact your nearest branch before getting a membership.

You should also follow all the sauna rules set by this gym chain. Otherwise, the management may cancel or suspend your Equinox membership.

Equinox Sauna Rules

The top rule set by the management is that you must wear proper clothes when entering the sauna. For instance, you must avoid being shirtless in the room. Typically, you should wear swim gear or activewear.

Besides that, you should not enter the room in your athletic shoes or barefoot. Sandals and slippers are the preferred footwear options when using the sauna.

Who Can Use The Sauna At Equinox?

All adults, seniors, and couples with a membership can use the sauna at this gym chain. You can also use this service as a guest if you accompany a member or use the Equinox guest pass.

Some of the zones are for men only, while others are for women only.  However, some locations also have unisex rooms for high flexibility.

Kids above 14 can also enter the sauna, but they must be supervised. However, you must remember that this amenity is not suitable for children because of high heat exposure.

It is also essential to learn the sauna type at Equinox. This will help you decide whether the room fulfills your needs.

Both Sauna & Steam Rooms

All the select locations of Equinox with sauna rooms have a traditional type for relaxing. This means that the heat is produced using an electric or gas source for power.

You can enjoy various health benefits from a traditional sauna. Equinox also has traditional steam rooms for those who prefer lower heat than a sauna.

You should also understand the sauna temperature at this gym. It will help you realize whether the room will be too hot for you or not.

Equinox Sauna Temperature

Typically, the sauna temperature at Equinox can go up to 184 degrees Fahrenheit. Meanwhile, the minimum value has not been disclosed by the gym chain. Equinox also recommends you use the sauna for 30 minutes or less.

Another thing that you must do is learn who can use the sauna at this club. This is because not everyone can enter the room.