Is Passion Fruit Good For Weight Loss? (High Fiber and Low Calorie)

Weight loss is a challenging process as it means cutting down on the food you typically eat and embracing healthier lower calorie options to replace the high-calorie foods that may taste better but don’t help with keeping you slim or shredded.

Many people hope that some foods or pills will magically burn the fat away, and in some cases, this is possible but isn’t always healthy for you. Turning to low-calorie and filling foods is your best and safest option, so you may wonder if passion fruit is good for weight loss.

Can Passion Fruit Help You Lose Weight?

Passion fruit can be an effective aid in your weight loss through the extremely high fiber and low-calorie nature of the fruit. It’s also delicious food with the right amount of sweetness to kill your sugar cravings and leave you satisfied when combined with a healthy varied diet.

The downsides of passion fruit are that it’s not physically filling like some larger fruits with higher water content, and the majority of the edible part of passion fruit is the seeds which can be tart and unpleasant for some people.

Passion Fruit Daily Consumption

Most weight loss plans limit the amount of sugar you eat each day, and passion fruit can push this up a little high, so sticking with 1-3 passion fruit each day will give you the benefits without consuming too much sugar.

Having Passion Fruit at Night

There is no benefit to eating passion fruit at night for weight loss; if you want to pick a specific time of day, eat it in the morning as part of your first meal so that the fiber can assist in keeping you fuller longer.

Does Passion Fruit Burn Fat?

Passion fruit is not a good fat burner, and neither are many other fruits. Fat-burning products boost your metabolism and increase your core temperature to assist in burning fat.

Belly fat will never be burned off directly by any fruit or product, your belly fat will reduce as your overall weight goes down, and the areas that lose weight first are entirely up to your genetics and will be different for all people.

How Effective Is Passion Fruit For Weight Loss?

Passion fruit is one of the most effective fruits you can consume purely for the taste and high fiber content at very low calories.

If your weight loss is being hindered by feeling hungry and snacking all the time, high-fiber fruits can be an extremely effective option to kill your hunger and sugar cravings.

Passion Fruit Weight Loss Comparison

Passion fruit is one of the best fruits to include in your weight loss diet, it’s incredibly tasty and can kill sugar cravings with its natural sweetness, and the calorie-to-fiber ratio can’t be matched by any other fruit.

Passion Fruit100 g9710 g11 gBest
Pineapple 100 g501.4 g11 gAverage
Apple100 g522.4 g10 gGood
Mango100 g601.6 g14 gGood
Kiwi Fruit100 g613 g9 gGreat
Grapefruit100 g421.6 g7 gGood
Apricots100 g482 g9 gGood
Pomelo100 g381 g0 gAverage
Mandarins100 g531.8 g11 gGood
Watermelon100 g300.46 gGood

Passion fruit can’t be matched by any other fruit for its effectiveness at keeping you full from the high fiber content, and that’s the primary benefit of most fruit, along with topping you up with nutrients.

The downside of passion fruit is that it can often be higher cost than some other fruits like apples, and due to the size, you may spend more time fiddling around and feel less satisfied with your fruit selection.

Passion Fruit Nutrition Facts

Passion fruit has very low calories with a substantial amount of fiber which is the biggest help for your weight loss. It does have a variety of nutrients included, but due to the size of the fruit, they’re primarily in small amounts and only help top up your body’s requirements minimally.

Passion Fruit Stats1 Passion Fruit (18 g)Daily % Needed
Fat0.1 g0%
Potassium62 mg1%
Total Carbs4.2 g1%
Fiber1.9 g7%
Sugar2 g
Protein0.4 g0%
Vitamin C5.4 mg9%

Consider that for 17 calories, you get 2 g of fiber which is significantly higher than almost any other fruit. The sugar is on the higher side, but it’s naturally occurring and won’t impact your weight loss in any way, especially with an almost 1:1 sugar to fiber ratio.

Is Passion Fruit High in Sugar?

Passion fruit is high in sugar but has an almost 1:1 ratio of sugar to fiber, and its glycemic value is 30, which is considered low, so the sugar will be slowly absorbed and not cause any issues.

It’s much better to get your sugar from natural sources like passion fruit rather than from eating chocolate or other processed foods.

How To Include Passion Fruit In Your Diet

If passion fruit is being included in a weight loss diet, then you should be only consuming passion fruit as a whole food, put on the top of or mixed into something that’s also in your weight loss diet plan.

  • Just eat 2-3 passion fruit with a spoon
  • Add passion fruit over the top of a fruit salad
  • Mix passion fruit into a fat-free Greek yogurt

The more you try to hide passion fruit into other foods, the more you will need to process, cook, or modify, which isn’t optimal for a weight loss diet.