Planet Fitness vs. Life Time Fitness

Planet Fitness and Life Time fitness are two of the best fitness chains you will find anywhere in the world. They offer some of the best services you were looking for.

Planet fitness may be an affordable fitness chain, but that is because there are not as many amenities as compared to Life Time fitness. In contrast, Life Time fitness offers many facilities for both kids and adults.

If you are confused between going for Planet fitness or Life Time, you’ve come to the right place. Here is a complete comparison guide to help you with that. 

Planet Fitness vs. Life Time Fitness: Which Is Better?

These two gyms are widely popular all across the country. These gyms are ranked very closely, and that be confusing when deciding where to go. Some facilities and factors may be important for one person but not for another.

This is the major reason why you need to understand about these two gyms were properly.

 Planet FitnessLife Time Fitness
Contract LengthWinner 
Environment Winner
Rules and PoliciesWinner

Mainly people look at the cost when considering opting for a gym. Considering that, Planet Fitness is the affordable choice here.

Many other factors, such are amenities, equipment, and policies, are way better for Life Time fitness. The fitness chain doesn’t like to impose restrictions on their clients, and everyone is free to work out in a disciplined manner.

But if you are looking for multi-club access, Planet fitness is a better option as it has thousands of clubs across the country. That will be perfect if you constantly travel so you can get your workout in any part of the country.

Planet Fitness vs. Life Time Fitness: Membership Costs

It is clear that the membership cost of Planet fitness is less compared to Life Time fitness. But still, it is important to understand the membership structure and see how it works for both gyms.

It will be easier to understand how it all works for both the gyms.

 Planet FitnessLife Time Fitness
Yearly$199 (paid-in-full)$69 per month
Initiation Fee$10$49

The membership costs discussed above are for basic membership that you can choose in both the clubs. Planet fitness only has one type of membership, which is the basic one.

Life Time Fitness, on the other hand, offers various types of membership plans that offer different facilities and perks. If you decide on joining Life Time fitness, then there is a lot you need to learn about it before joining it.

The best thing about Life Time fitness is that it offers free day access if you are a potential member. That would help you see around and see if it would suit you or not.

Planet Fitness vs. Life Time Fitness: Facilities & Amenities

Every gym has something different to offer its members. They may have some similar amenities and facilities. At most locations, you can find various amenities such as pools, squash, saunas, and many others.

That is why choose the location that is nearby and offers the best amenities. That will help you enjoy your workout sessions and motivate you to visit the gym every day.

Most people now choose gyms and fitness centers after considering the additional amenities they can enjoy. That is why this is an important section for many.

 Life Time FitnessPlanet Fitness
Personal TrainingYesYes
Towel ServiceYesYes
Kids ClubYesNo
Group Fitness ClassesYesYes

From this table, you can see why Planet fitness charges just $10 and why many people opt for Life Time fitness membership. The time had gone when people only used to visit gyms for a workout. The gyms are now about lifestyle, and facilities and amenities matter a lot.

Life Time Fitness Amenities

All the amenities and facilities found in Life Time fitness are up to international standards. The showers and saunas are luxurious, giving the members a comfortable personal space. The facilities such as a pool and basketball court help the members work on their wellness as well.

Planet Fitness Amenities

Planet fitness doesn’t have many amenities to offer. They have basic equipment and less free weight for their members. They do offer tanning beds, massage chairs, and some basic-level amenities.

Planet Fitness vs. Life Time Fitness: Hours

All Planet fitness clubs are open 24/7. This gets easier for you to get your workout anytime you see fit. You can find any Planet fitness easily.

Life Time fitness may not operate officially 24/7. The hours of operations are mainly from 4 AM to midnight. There may be some Life Time fitness clubs that may operate 24/7.

Planet Fitness vs. Life Time Fitness: Locations

Planet fitness not only operates in the US but can be found in some major cities of South America as well. Some of the cities include Mexico, Puerto Rico, and Panama. There are around 2,000 Planet fitness clubs all around the world.

Life Time fitness only operates in US and Canada. There are around 150 clubs in both countries.

If you travel a lot, you can go for a Planet fitness membership as it will help you visit various clubs in different states of countries.

Planet Fitness vs. Life Time Fitness: Classes

Planet Fitness and Life Time fitness both offer group classes to their members. It brings a great opportunity for members to get to know each other and enjoy classes in a comfortable environment.

ClassesPlanet FitnessLife Time Fitness
Spinning CyclesNoYes

In Life Time fitness, there are over 100 group classes going on for their members.

Planet Fitness vs. Life Time Fitness: Personal Training

The personal training in Planet fitness doesn’t focus on working closely with the members. The trainers are there to manage the group classes and offer free consultations. Other than that, they don’t offer proper one-on-one attention.

The personal training offered in Life Time fitness is remarkable. They have qualified trainers with good experience. The club charges somewhere from $50 to $100 per hour of a personal training session.