UFC Gym Membership Cost

The national average cost of monthly gym memberships is $37.71 in the US. Of course, the exact figure varies from one fitness center to another.

Besides that, amenities and the gym’s status are also integral when determining the price. UFC Gym is an excellent fitness center with saunas, pools, and much more.

Are you considering getting a membership at this gym? If so, here is what you need to know about its current cost.

How Much Is UFC Gym Membership?

The standard monthly Fitness membership of UFC Gym is $59 while the Ultimate membership is $99. The virtual membership plan is the cheapest and requires you to pay $14.95, while the Ultimate Family program costs $319. The gym also offers Limited, Fitness, Ultimate, and Champion packages at different prices.

You must remember that some of the earlier packages may not be available at specific locations. However, the prices for the individual plans are the same at all branches.

Besides that, the management allows cancellation if you want to shift to another package or leave the gym. You can do this by visiting your membership branch or sending a mail to UFC Gym.

Members who signed up online can also use this form to submit a cancellation request. Another thing you must remember is that the gym also charges an initiation fee for joining.

UFC Gym Initiation Fee

The initiation fee of UFC Gym is $74 and includes the enrollment and processing charges. Luckily, these fees are one-time payments and the same for all membership packages. Here is a table that will help you understand the costs:

Enrollment Fee$25
Processing Fee$49

Besides these fees, you will also have to pay the dues of the first month and last month to join the gym. These costs depend on the price of the different membership levels at UFC.

UFC Gym Membership Levels

There are eight membership levels at UFC Gym that you can get to start working out. The cheapest package is the Virtual plan that provides you access to live classes and on-demand videos.

Some locations also offer a reasonable Limited plan that provides you 24/7 access to a single club. Meanwhile, you can choose the Fitness package to use equipment and enjoy amenities.

UFC Gym also offers a Youth plan for young fitness enthusiasts. Besides that, you will also encounter Ultimate, Ultimate Couple, and Ultimate Family at locations such as Lancaster and Pheonix.

Lastly, the fitness chain also provides a Champion plan that offers access to all branches, amenities, and classes. Here are the prices of all the membership levels at UFC Gym.

Membership LevelMonthly Price
Ultimate Couple$198.00
Ultimate Family$319.00

You should note that all these prices are exclusive of the initiation fee. The best part about the membership packages is that they include multiple services.

What Does UFC Gym Membership Include?

The offerings of each package vary because of the price differences. Typically, the virtual plan allows you to enjoy live classes and other exercise videos. However, you cannot visit a gym location with this package.

Fitness membership also lets you reserve classes and benefit from the Group Fit classes. Meanwhile, the Youth plan will offer you access to the services in the namesake program.

Here is a table that will help you understand all the amenities of the different packages:

Membership LevelOfferings
VirtualLive classes, On-demand videos
LimitedAccess to strength and cardio equipment
FitnessClass reservations, Group Fitness lessons, Access to strength and cardio equipment
YouthBoxing classesKickboxing classes, Group Fitness lessons
UltimateAccess to all things in the Fitness plan, Ultimate Conditioning classesUltimate Skills classes, Kids Club10% in gym purchases, Access to the membership branch and signature clubs
ChampionAccess to all things in the Ultimate plan, Access to all UFC Gym locations
Ultimate CoupleAll amenities of the Ultimate plan, Access to two people
Ultimate FamilyAll amenities of the Ultimate plan, Access to three people

Besides these offerings, you can also use the standard amenities of the UFC Gym. These include showers, saunas, basketball courts, and locker rooms.

The best part about UFC Gym is that it allows you to add family members to your plan. So you can enjoy the training sessions with a non-member loved one.

Adding A Family Member To UFC Gym

UFC Gym has not disclosed the prices of adding a family member to your plan. This may be because of the different costs of the packages. Typically, you should expect to pay a monthly fee of $69 for adding a family member.

Besides that, the gym also provides a student discount to young members and guests. You may also get a discount during the holiday season or on New Year’s Eve.

If you are unsure about getting a membership, you can also consider visiting the gym by getting a free pass.

Does UFC Gym Have A Free Guest Pass?

The fitness chain provides a free guest pass to all potential members. You can use the gym for ten days without any charges. The best part is that you will get access to all the equipment and amenities.

Typically, you can call the nearest branch to get the free guest pass. You can also get it by submitting the online form for your suitable location.

If you are not sure about joining UFC Gym, you can compare the cost of this chain with other fitness clubs. It will help you make an informed buying decision.

UFC Gym Membership Cost Comparison

Here is a monthly membership cost comparison of the major gyms in the US:

Gym NameCost (Monthly Fee + Initiation Fee)
Crunch Fitness$39.99
Planet Fitness$20
Gold’s Gym$103
UFC Gym$163

Crunch Fitness and Planet Fitness are low-cost gyms, so their prices are relatively low. However, amongst the luxury clubs, UFC Gym is offering competitive prices.

Besides that, you may also reduce the price by getting a student discount or a New Year’s discount. Typically, you should contact the gym to learn about the ongoing deals.