What Does BW Mean In Gym? (Answered)

If you’re new to the fitness world, it may be difficult to adjust to new terms. For instance, you may be wondering what PR means in the gym.

You may also want to know the explanation of the pump in a workout. Another essential term you must be aware of is BW. So here is a complete guide to it.

What Does BW Mean In Gym?

BW in the gym refers to your body weight. This is the weight without any items on the body for an accurate measurement. Many trainers also use BWT to refer to the body weight of enthusiasts in the gym.

Fitness trainers also help you exercise properly by understanding your BW%. This is the percentage of your body weight to help you adjust to the workout.

Typically, the BW and BW% are used for setting workout goals and determining BW exercises for your routine.

What Are BW Exercises?

BW exercises are activities that only use your body weight for performing different movements such as pushing, pulling, and jumping. These activities enable you to use your weight as the resistance for a challenging workout. So even small changes in position can help you train better.

These exercises are essential in the gym because they help you build your foundation. Most of your gains also rely on your BW, so you can enjoy a better stimulus due to such exercises.

The best part is that you can easily increase your muscle by using bodyweight exercises.

How To Increase Muscle At The Gym Through BW

There are many ways to build muscle using bodyweight exercises, such as shortening your rest time. You can add more weight to your activities to increase load progressively. Understanding calories will also help with using BW for staying fit and strengthening different muscles.

Here are the top ways to increase muscle using BW exercises:

Add Weight

This is an excellent way to use BW for improving muscle strength and staying fit. You should use weights in your activities to ensure your body adapts to different loads. So you can form better techniques and adjust to the resistance created by your body weight.

Reduce Your Rest Time

Reducing your rest time is essential if you want the workout to remain challenging. If you use the same time for resting, the activities will be easier for you. So your muscles will not train better and get used to the routine. It will also help you enjoy better recovery time.

Maintain A Calorie Surplus

You must maintain a calorie surplus to build muscle and benefit from BW exercises. This means you should add at least 200 to 500 additional calories to your food. The daily intake should be up to 2,500 calories per day.

Importance Of BW In Fitness

Bodyweight is important in fitness because it allows your body to build a foundation for various workout routines. It also helps you enjoy challenging workouts without packing your fitness routine with high machine usage. So you can build muscle healthily without stressing yourself.