World Gym Daycare ($10 Per Month)

For single-parent daycare is one of the best approaches to keep their kids busy while they carry out their errands. Not many, but gyms across the US have daycare services for their members. It provides a safe environment for the child, and the parent can work out without worrying about their child.

Does World Gym Have Daycare?

World Gym offers a daycare service to ensure that the members can work out without worrying about their child as they are in safe hands. However, the timings and slots are limited for daycare services at World Gym.

A World Gym member can only avail of the Daycare services. However, the daycare service fee is not included in the membership fee. Instead, that is charged separately to a member through different plans.

If you want to use the daycare service regularly, it would be better to pay the monthly fee for daycare. On the other hand, members can also pay the daycare only for each day they want to use the service. Therefore, both ways of payment are available for members.

The daycare charges per day vary from different locations of World Gym. However, the members are charged $10 per month for the daycare services for a monthly add-on.

Which World Gym Locations Have Daycare?

World Gym is one of the most popular gyms and fitness center chains in the US. It has been in business for many years and now has over 300 locations across the country. Every location offers something different and unique for its members.

Most of the World Gym locations offer daycare services to their members as it is a part of their official amenities. Daycare at World Gym wasn’t only introduced in a single location. This is a part of every location across the country.

Some prominent locations that offer daycare include Beaumont, St. Catharine, and many more.

What is the World Gym Daycare Policy?

The daycare at World Gym is only offered to members for children from ages 2-16. The slots and timings are limited, so make sure to check before taking your children to the gym. A member can use the daycare service only for 2 hours each day.

What Do They Offer at World Gym Daycare?

Daycare at World Gym has a particular area dedicated to the children. The daycare is supervised by professional staff and ensures that every child is safe. No child should miss their parent is what World Gym daycare wants.

The World Gym daycare has different books, toys, swings, and many others to keep every child occupied. Not only this, the staff itself keeps the children busy and entertains them. Juices and snacks are also available for children.

What are the World Gym Daycare Hours?

The World Gym daycare hours are different at every location. The daycare services are only offered at selected hours of the day. Therefore, before going to the daycare, check the hours and the day they are offering the daycare service.

Primarily every location offers daycare throughout the week except Sunday. So the hours may be different, but the official timing of every World Gym location is the same, only 30 minutes of difference would be there at locations.

There are two slots available for daycare. The morning slot from 9 am – 12 pm is offered from Monday – Saturday. 4 pm – 8 pm slot is only offered from Monday –  Friday. 

How Long Can Children Be Left at World Gym?

The World Gym offers daycare so the members can work out without worrying about their children. However, the slot and space at the daycare are limited, so World Gym only lets a member leave their children for 2-hour maximum.

The 2 hours are enough for anyone to have their workout session and cool down. Any member leaving their children more than 2 hours is notified about the rule and requested to pick their children from daycare. 

What Safety Features Does World Gym Daycare Have?

Their child’s safety for every parent is one of the most critical factors. Leaving their children in a safe daycare environment is ensured by every parent. But more than that, it is the daycare’s responsibility to offer the safest features and equipment.

The daycare staff is highly trained to keep the children safe and interact. Other than this, the daycare is carefully monitored by the security team to ensure maximum safety for their member’s children. No harmful or risky equipment or toy can be found in the daycare.