Equinox Showers (Hours, Policy, Cleanness)

Many gyms in the US and other places offer showers as a basic amenity. You will find the showers at Crunch Fitness.

Equinox is a luxury gym that provides members with a pool and daycare service. Do you want to know whether they offer showers? If so, here is all the information you need.

Does Equinox Have Showers?

Equinox is a luxury gym that offers showers for members and guests at all of its locations. The best part is that this gym provides a high-end interior for stalls. You will also get access to amenities such as Kiel’s soap in every shower.

The fitness chain has an excellent shower area with multiple stalls and toiletries in each one. Outside the zone, you will come across various benches for sitting.

This gym chain also provides cold eucalyptus towels in its spas and shower rooms. These have a soothing effect on your body and allow you to relax.

However, you must follow the Equinox shower policy when using the amenity to avoid facing mishaps and breaking the rules.

Equinox Shower Policy

The primary rule you should remember is that you cannot wear gym footwear in the stall area. Besides that, you should also not move around barefoot. Typically, you must wear slippers when using the shower area.

Besides that, you must not use the shower room of the opposite gender if the stalls are full. Apart from that, phones are not allowed in the stall area due to privacy reasons.

You should also follow the regulations about who can use the shower at this gym. It will help you understand whether you qualify for using this service or not.

Who Can Use The Shower At Equinox?

All members of Equinox can use the showers without paying any additional charges. You can also benefit from the amenity by visiting the gym on a guest pass or accompanying another member.

Kids of age 14 and above can also use the showers without issues. However, minors must be supervised by a family adult in Equinox.

Another thing you may be worried about is the cleanness of Equinox showers. After all, some gyms have poor maintenance staff.

How Clean Are Equinox Showers?

The shower area and individual stalls are regularly cleaned at Equinox. This cleaning has also improved after COVID-19. So you can expect the showers to be germ-free and odor-free at all times.

It is also best to understand whether Equinox has private or open showers. After all, you may require more privacy during this activity.

Are Equinox Showers Private Showers Or Open Showers?

All showers at Equinox are private and contain frosted glass doors that keep your body covered. So you don’t have to worry about privacy when using showers at this gym.

Equinox also offers many other amenities such as pools and spas. You may also want to know whether they have towels and lockers.

Does Equinox Provide Towels And Lockers?

The gym chain offers cold eucalyptus towels that provide a soothing effect. However, it is best to take your own long drying towels to clean the body after the shower.

Besides that, the gym also provides lockers for keeping your stuff. However, you must take a padlock with you for safety. You cannot also keep things overnight in the locker.