Best Shoes to Match with Flare Jeans (with Photos)

In this decade, we are lovingly leaning towards the Seventies. Flared jeans were a popular 1970s trend, fast forward five decades later, and it’s coming back in 2020.

We love flares because they look very comfortable compared to skinnies, and can make your legs look long on anyone.

The right pair of shoes is a question that comes up in our minds, and you know I have you on it. What are the best flare jeans shoes to go with? Let’s look into the shoe styles with flare jeans that you can rock with.

Platforms are the most popular shoes to pair up with flare jeans. They are most widely worn and will make your legs look long from the combination with flare jeans. Wedges, pumps, and ankle boots are also good choices to wear with flare jeans.

We’re going to rock our ripped denim in a way that’s different from the ’70s. Flared jeans come with comfort in mind.

Such comfy shoes, such as flats or other very low platforms, come to mind but avoid combining flats, sneakers, or flip flops, and 21st-century jeans flared.

They bundle the hem of the flared jeans and make you look too short for the flared jeans, eventually giving you a frumpy look.


Whether it’s heels or wedges, mules and ankle straps, super-elevated or not, platforms are right to add to our flares whenever we think of the right footwear that complements the look best. They may be simple or embellished; that is not meaningful. If not a flat top, otherwise.

The seventies look kind of like it comes with a happy rep, so we suggest picking up pairs that offer their comfort best still, having a couple of pairs of that style in your shoe closet is always a perfect idea.

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The hem of your flared trousers will fall straight down, so you don’t look uncomfortable, either covering up the entire shoe or half of it, but don’t let it scrunch anywhere and choose a height that fits those specifications.

Platform clogs come to mind, and believe me, it’s just fine because you get the look and comfort of the 70s as well. Platform sandals are another great platform concept that will give you just that look you can imagine in your mind.

Our Top 3 Picks:


Wedges will make your feet a little happier and add a touch of flair to your flares. Wedges are another top shoe choice to pair with your flare jeans if you want to keep up with that 1970s feel. Wedge heels and even flatforms compliments nicely flare jeans, giving you that extra lift in the most convenient way. Wedges remove the pressure from football.

Our Top 3 Choices:

Chunky Heels

Thinking of heels with jeans for the flare? Block heels will make you think about the heels and flared jeans differently. They are simply the perfect type of heel for flared jeans. They’ll just keep you more balanced. The higher they are, the more chunky they appear, the more admired they are

It comes with comfort and adds length to the legs to create a perfect overall silhouette. They look nice with somewhat wide clothes, which make flared jeans match them very well. Take a pair of chunky heels in leather that could be complemented with a second suede style.

Our Top 3 Choices:


Sometimes pumps are seen as divine to me because pumps can never go wrong. With little black dresses, they looked amazing, and also looked divine with the flared jeans. Your footwear is probably the most adaptable of them. At the same time, they still retain the flattering appeal and encourage you to make a new statement about fashion.

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You’d appreciate adding pumps to your flared jean

Ankle Boots

This is one of the cutest footwear options to wear with your beautiful flared jeans. The ankle boot can come in leather, suede, or any other material you love. When your flares are either on the short side or falling almost to the ground, it’s the perfect option to go for.

Since we strive to imitate the 70s period, you may want to go for combinations of leather, suede, or animal prints all over.

Ankle boots will fit absolutely with jeans for flare; they just have to be the right heel size and the right shape. Ankle boots and not high boots (they will be showing at the knees) but simple boots with an ankle. Definitely with because they’re going to be more comfortable and have shorter flares, they’re going to give off that 70s vibe that’s so fashionable now.

Our top three picks

Heeled Sandals

Although they may arrive in platforms or chunky heels, the heels are very important. Sandals are the option footwear over the spring and summer months, particularly during the summer, which means that the closed-toe versions of our shoes matching the flared pants will be put away for the season

Strappy sandals with a high heel look great with flared jeans in the spring or summer. Just make sure the heel is a bit tall, so the jeans are barely grazing the floor. Sometimes, take into account the length of your ripped jeans when opting for a pair of heeled sandals.

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