Does Puma Run Big Or Small? (Or True to Size?)

Puma is one of the best athletic wear brands that offer comfort and diversity. You will find everything from shoes to clothing to much more. However, many people wonder if Puma runs big or small when it comes to sizing.

The sizing depends on the item you purchase, the material, your body type, and many others. If you don’t find the fit comfortable, you can always return the item. You can return an item you purchased online within forty-five days, as stated by their return policy.

So, if you are wondering about the sizing of Puma items, you are in the right place. Here is everything you need to know if Puma runs big or small.

Does Puma Run Big Or Small?

Puma runs slightly smaller than true to size. That is especially true with Puma shoes, as you will have to go one size upwards. It is always best to understand if the shoes are narrow or wide to make your decision.

Here is a list of fitting for similar brands:

NikeRun Small
AsicsRun Small
New BalanceTrue to Size
ReebokTrue to Size
PumaRun Small
AdidasTrue to Size
Under ArmourRun Small
LululemonRun Small

Are Puma Shoes Wide Or Narrow?

Puma shoes tend to be narrow. Of course, it depends on the model you are purchasing as some can be wide too. There are a few models that offer extra width to the user.

If you have wide feet, then Puma shoes are not the ideal option for you. You can opt for the Puma Roma shoes as they are wider than the others. However, even the Puma Roma shoes should not be used heavily by people with wide feet.

That is because the shoes will be uncomfortable after a few hours. That is why it is best to wear the Roma line for a short time of casual activity. Consumers report that wearing the shoes for athletic activities for a few hours was not a comfortable experience for them.

So, if you have wide feet, you can wear the shoes for casual walking or other activities. Finding the right comfort is crucial to getting your money’s worth. It is essential to understand the comfort that Puma shoes offer before you decide to purchase.

Are Puma Shoes Comfortable?

Yes, Puma shoes are made for comfort during sports and athletic activities. The shoes are fantastic in appearance. However, they offer the best comfort too.

That is because the footbed of Puma shoes is created from a soft foam that will cradle your foot. You can wear the shoes all day long and still stay comfortable. Puma also utilizes an ArchTec mechanism that is created using our feet’ natural movements.

The ArchTec mechanism ensures that you move naturally and it prevents injuries. The mechanism will stabilize your foot and prevent a foot injury before it happens. However, it also depends on your feet.

For example, many consumers with wide feet report that the Puma shoes don’t offer comfort for longer periods. Yes, you can size upwards, but it will still not be ideal for use for a long time. Women with wide feet report that their shoes are more on the snug side than men’s Puma shoes.

You will have to size considerably upwards in Puma shoes as a woman, especially if you have wide feet. Of course, there are other brands too that offer a great fit and comfort. You can also compare the brand with others in the same line to see which one suits you best.

Puma Shoe Fit Compared To Nike

We have compared Puma shoes to three other brands in the same industry to see which one will be the right fit for you. Here are our top three comparisons to help you make an informed decision:

Puma and Nike shoes run narrow and smaller than true to size. You will notice that both brands run at least half a size smaller than the standard size. Another thing you will notice is that the shoes are narrow than other brands.

So, if you are buying a size 8 Nike shoe, you can buy the same size shoe in Puma, and they will fit the same. However, you need to understand that the variations between models will differ. That is why not all fits and sizes will be the same for both brands.

It is best that you check the specifications of each brand’s shoe line and model before you purchase. It will help you make a better informed decision. Once you have your ideal size, both the shoes will fit you comfortably and last a long time to come.

Puma Shoe Fit Compared To Adidas

Puma is narrow and runs small, but Adidas shoes are true to size. If you are switching your brand from Adidas to Puma, you will have to go one and a half size upwards. Of course, that depends on the model and its specifications.

Adidas is a better option for you if you have wide feet because the shoe fit will be more comfortable. You will easily wear the shoe for longer periods and do any activities you require. However, if you don’t have wide feet, even Puma will offer the same comfort.

You will just have to go upwards half a size or one complete size. Once you do, you will love the shoe fit of Puma too. So, always check the model and the specifications before you decide to switch from Adidas to Puma or vice versa for the ideal shoe fit.

Puma Shoe Fit Compared To Under Armour

Puma and Under Armour shoes run small. Both brands offer the same comfort and fit when it comes to shoe size. If you are switching from Under Armour to Puma or vice versa, you can stick to your size in your current brand.

However, it also depends on the shoe’s model, which is why it is always best to read specifications. Many consumers with wide feet have reported that Under Armour is not ideal for them as it fits on the snug side. To ensure the right and comfortable fit in Under Armour shoes, you will have to go half a size or one size upwards.

Some consumers of Under Armour also report that some of the shoes are wider than usual. That is why you should always go through the specifications and then make an informed decision. Of course, if you still opt for the wrong size in Under Armour or Puma, you can always return the shoes and exchange them for a more accurate size.

Puma Return Policy: If It Didn’t Fit You

You can always opt to return the shoes if Puma does not fit you in the best way. According to the return policy by Puma, you can return your online purchases within forty-five days of purchase. Of course, you have to return them in unused and original condition.

Keep in mind that you can’t opt for direct returns as Puma does not offer this option to customers. If you want to exchange Puma shoes, you will have to go through the return process and then place a new order with the correct shoe size. Once you do, Puma will offer a pre-paid shipping plan for the return, and your new order will come free.

You can also opt for a refund if you don’t find the Puma shoes comfortable and don’t want to wear them again. If you pay through a credit card, debit card, or PayPal, the amount will be credited back to the original payment form. On the other hand, if you paid through the Puma gift, a new one will be issued to you.

Another option is to return your online purchase at the Puma retail store. To do this successfully, you will need to bring your packing slip and original payment form so the amount can be refunded to you. If you purchased through your credit card, the amount would be refunded back to your card.

On the other hand, if you paid with PayPal, Apple Pay, or Puma gift card, then the brand will issue you a Puma gift card for the amount. If you ordered shoes using Afterpay, you would not be allowed to return the item to the store as this option is not available yet.

Does Puma Run Big Or Small?

Puma runs small and narrow for men’s and women’s shoes. You will size half a size or one size upwards to find a comfortable fit for your feet. Of course, it also depends on the model you are purchasing and the fit you would like to have.

Individuals with wide feet will not find Puma shoes as comfortable as other brands because they will be tighter than usual. However, if you have wide feet, you can get Puma shoes for light activities such as walking. Even then, be sure not to wear the shoes for too long, or it might hinder your comfort.

If the shoes don’t fit right, you can always go through the return process at Puma and place a new order with the right size. You have to do it within forty-five days of your purchase.