Is Mango Good for Weight Loss? (Yes, It Is An Excellent Choice)

Weight loss can be a slow process, and being perfect with your diet all the time is a struggle. If you’re tired of eating protein, steamed veggies, and working hard at the gym, you deserve and are likely craving a sweet treat, but before you reach for the candy, consider eating a mango.

Mangoes are a delicious, low-calorie, sweet food with no added or artificial sugars that are an excellent replacement for candy. Mangoes also have an immense array of weight loss benefits that can actually help you lose weight faster.

If you love mangoes and want to know if it is good for weight loss, here are effective ways to use mango in your diet to speed up your weight loss.

Can You Eat Mangoes When You Are Trying to Lose Weight?

Yes, mangoes are very effective in weight loss as they are an incredibly filling, delicious, and low-calorie food that can act as a replacement for other high-calorie sweet foods that you may be craving.

One whole mango has less than 200 calories and is low in fat. This fruit has a low-calorie density, which means that it can provide a small amount of food with minimal calories. One serving size of Mango is equivalent to about 1/2 cup of sliced fruit, and it’s only 50 to 70 calories without fat, cholesterol, or sodium.

Mangoes also have a lot of water in them, which is additional help in making you feel less hungry, along with the high fiber that makes you feel fuller for longer.

Mango Stats 1 Mango (336g) Daily % Needed
Fat1.3 g2%
Potassium565 mg16%
Total Carbs50 g16%
Fiber5 g20%
Sugar46 g
Protein3 g5%

Comparing Mango to Other Fruits for Weight Loss

Mango isn’t the only food with weight loss benefits, and it’s always better to have a varied diet that consists of a lot of healthy fruits and vegetables to get different benefits from the other nutrients in each type of food.

Mango601.6 g14 gGood
Passion Fruit9710 g11 gGreat
Raspberry537 g4.4 gBest
Apple522.4 g10 gGood
Banana892.6 g12 gGood
Kiwi Fruit613 g9 gBest
Dark Chocolate1703 g7 gGood
Green Tea30 g0 gGood
Oats1305 g0 gMild
Fiber 1 Bar706 g2 gMild

Eating mango or any type of food or supplement isn’t going to make you lose weight magically, but they do aid in the process as replacements for poor quality, high-calorie processed foods, and the nutrients in them can keep your body working more efficiently to lose weight.

Best Types of Mango for Weight Loss

Not all forms of mango are equal when it comes to weight loss; stick with raw or frozen mango for the maximum benefits during your weight loss goals.

Some forms of mango can actually hinder your weight loss due to making it easier to over-consume calories and sugar, and destroy the micronutrients you need.

Type Of MangoGood For Weight LossReason
RawEasy to transport
FrozenEasy to store
DriedWater loss
PreservedAdded sugar
CookedMicronutrient loss
JuicedOverconsume calories

Juice is one of the worst options if you’re not counting your calories or have a set meal plan for the day. It’s extremely easy to overconsume calories as the amount of juice you get is less satisfying and time-consuming to eat, and you may not realize how much you’re actually drinking.

How To Include Mango In Your Diet

Mango is a versatile fruit that can be included in many dishes that will enhance your weight loss goals. However, it’s best to keep your mango in raw or frozen form when included in your dishes, or the benefits can be minimized or even cause weight gain.

DishCalories With 1 Mango
1 Mango200
Mango + 1 Cup Greek Yoghurt330
Mango + Spring Mix Salad220
Smoothie (Mango, water, ice, protein powder, spinach)340
Kodiak Pancakes with mango chunks390

The simplest, easiest, and often most convenient option is to simply slice up a mango and eat it raw. For a complete and balanced snack or dessert, you can include your raw or frozen mango into protein-rich foods like plain 0% fat Greek yogurt.

You can slice up mango and put it into a salad for additional micronutrients from a variety of green leafy vegetables and include a grilled chicken breast to create a complete and balanced meal.

Recommended Amount of Mangoes Per Day

Mango is a healthy and nutritious food, but you shouldn’t overconsume mangoes during weight loss as your calorie intake needs to remain low. Eating up to one mango a day is healthy and without issue as long as it fits into your diet plan.

2,000 Calorie Diet% Per DayCalories Per Day
Fiber From Carbs20-30 g
Sugar From Carbs50 g194

If you’re on a standard macronutrient diet, then one mango with 200 calories takes a large chunk out of your carb calories for the day, so it’s optimal to eat one mango maximum per day.

You may also want to cycle your fruit throughout the week to get the broadest range of micronutrients from your fruit portion for each day and week.

Recommended Time to Eat Mango

During weight loss, you can eat mangoes at any time based on your meal frequency plan; the benefits you get from mango are not significantly impacted by the time of day or what else you eat with your meal.

You may find that mangoes and other similar fruits are beneficial before your workouts. The quick hit of natural sugar from the mango can help with energy during your workout, and the extra water from your mango can help keep you hydrated and pumped during your workout.

What If I’m Too Lazy To Prepare Mango

Preprepared mango can be purchased from various stores in different variations. It’s still important to pick the healthiest option, such as raw or frozen mango. You should also be wary of what you’re eating with your mango, such as ice cream with two chunks of mango on top.

Stores such as Walmart, Kroger, Albertsons, Aldi, and most other grocery or convenience stores sell frozen or pre-sliced mango in a reclosable container. Convenience stores like 7/11 sell single-serve portions of mango and other fruits in the cooling section when you’re on the go and need a fast snack.

Bottom Line

Different people will find benefits or preferences in taste and results from fruits like mango or kiwi, which have similar stats. However, mango is much sweeter and can hit the spot better for a sweet tooth, and can be easier to eat or include in other dishes.

While kiwi can be more filling with the increased fiber and maybe a better option if you’re limiting your sugar intake.

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