What are the Different Types of Waders?

If you need a good set of waders, you will find that there are several options to choose from. In contrast to water shoes for fishing, waders do a great job at keeping the cold water from touching your clothes. You can customize your waders to suit what you need; insulated, chest high, knee-high, or waist-high.

Waders are the perfect necessity to take with you on any type of sporting event where you will be in contact with water. Waders prevent the water from getting through to your clothes.

The 3 types of waders are high waders, hip waders, or waist waders. Waders are also sold in different lengths so you can customize the length based on how deep the water will be that you are going into and how tall you are. The different types of waders include fishing, hunting, and ATV waders.

  1. Chest Waders – These waders are good for maximum coverage when fishing. You will have a lot of room to customize the look even more; add a jacket or another shirt to help you stay warm. There is great protection in the chest waders, both inside and out.
  2. Waist High Waders – These waders are going to be great for fishing in the summer months where the water is not too high. There are deep parts of the river but you will soon know your way around it. These waders can be worn in the winter as well because they are going to protect the legs from touching the water and you can insulate them.
  3. Hip Waders – Hip waders are good for waiting in gentle streams and shallow creeks; waters that do not get above the knee level otherwise they will start to touch your clothing underneath.

However, as long as you are going to be in contact with water, you can wear them at any type of sporting event. They are not good to run in, but they can keep the water out. Before you buy a pair of waders, there are a few more factors to consider that will help you spend your money wisely.

Whether you are hunting or fishing, you want the protection that waders can offer you. They will not only keep you protected but they will also protect your legs from thickets and briers if you are walking in the woods and objects hitting your legs while you are standing in the water fishing.

Difference between Hunting and Fishing Waders

Not all waders are the same so you shouldn’t settle for a pair of fishing waders if you plan to go hunting.

The purpose of the waders you purchase is going to keep you dry when you are out and hopefully comfortable too. Waders come in a variety of styles, material, and sizes. Some questions to ask yourself when trying to select hunting or fishing waders are; are you going to be in shallow or deep water, is the water warm or cold, is the bottom muddy or filled with stones you have to walk on, and what season will you be wearing them.

Fishing Waders Hunting Waders
Material needs to be neopreneCome in camouflage patterns for disguising
Good for shallow or deep waterShould be quiet to avoid animals hearing you
Material is waterproofCan be Insulated

Fishing Waders

Fishing is a great sport that has its own rewards. Have you ever noticed that some of the best fishing holes are along rivers that have brush-filled banks? That requires that you get out into the water and cast your line. Lakes are well known for shallow bottoms and waders allow you to wade out in them as well. It also helps to go into the water if the banks seem to be too crowded.

Choosing a wader size that is going to fit isn’t going to be difficult. There are a few ways to determine the perfect size before you even go to the store.

  • Have someone measure you before you leave to go to the store and purchase the waders.
  • It’s important to measure your height, the total length from your chest to the floor, from the waist to the floor, and from the knee to the floor.
  • Measure your inseam. This is from the crotch of your pants to the end of your pants leg at your ankle

With these measurements, you can go to the store to find the right pair of waders for you to wear on your next fishing trip. You can also use these measurements to order online as well. Knowing what size, you are is half the battle.

If you plan on fly fishing or jumping into streams during your fishing trip, you should always have a pair of fishing waders ready for this journey. Some of the best fishing spots are going to require waders.

Material – You will find that most fishing waders are made from neoprene. These are great for angling, especially when the water is ice cold, or the weather is cold. You can purchase waders that are lined with a different amount of lining. 3mm lining thickness is good for wading when the weather is warm outside and 5mm is better for colder fishing.

Another factor to consider is the water behavior. If the water, you plan to be in is light then there is probably a good possibility that all you will need is hip waders. However, the faster the water is flowing or churning, the more it will be felt on the legs. Chest waders are better if you are going to deeper fishing because it protects your entire body.

If you fly fish, you want a pair of waders that are going to keep the water out and the warmth in because it can get chilly standing in the water to catch the fish, especially if its fresh water.

Hunting Waders

Besides hunting boots, if you are in an environment that is in need of a pair of waders to hunt in, you will have several factors to choose from:

  • Chest high waders – good for duck hunting and crossing waters
  • Waist high waders – good for walking in the tall grass such as in an open field
  • Knee high waders – good for walking on a hunting trail early in the morning or on a rainy day to help keep your pants dry

Each one of these waders provide protection for your clothes that are underneath the waders. So if you feel like you are going to need more coverage than what can be provided at the knee, you may want to consider going on up to the waist.

When you are out hunting, you don’t want to have to stop and worry about where you are going to walk, is the waders going to tear or rip open, and what if a stick snags it. When you are out hunting, you are going to be walking through brush and thickets as well as some trails. You want a hunting water that is going to be made from neoprene so you can get out in the water to snag your duck.

Because you do hunt mostly in the cold weather, the material should be able to keep you warm. You should also choose breathable material, so your pants don’t hold odor and the animals be able to smell you coming from a good distance.

If you are hunting in the woods, you are most likely going to already be warmly dressed. Alot of hunting gear is going to be made from merino wool so you have a lightweight outfit that is breathable as well.

Many hunters like to use the two- or three-layer design so they can layer their clothing and take it off as needed or put it back on. Walking around gets the blood pumping in the body which ultimately warms you up. So, the material you choose for your waders can depend on what you like to wear hunting. Most people don’t like to wear a lot when they are hunting because it can make them feel weighed down instead. Then they are left with the choice to either wear it or carry it and either way.

The sound that clothing makes is also going to affect what you choose for hunting clothes. If you purchase a hunting outfit and you go hunting only to be distracted by the swishing sound your pants make when you walk or when you move your arm in an upward position. This can scare away any chance you have of getting that big buck.

If you are hunting waterfowl, your clothing is going to stay warm and dry as long as you use the right size waders.

Types of Hunting Waders

Waders come in different styles so you can customize what you need when you are out. Before you can decide on a style of waders to choose from, it’s important that you know about what terrain you are going to encounter.

Boot Waders

The boot waders have a boot that is built into the wader part so it’s one unit. This option is good for those who are angling on the beach and it will keep the sand, pebbles, and other particles from entering your wader or your shoes. These waders are great for taking them off quickly or putting them on quickly too. Because the shoe is waterproof, you won’t need to lace them. This may also be an issue because you can’t get to your foot very easy.

Stocking Waders

Stocking waders are great for being available and having a wide selection of options to choose from. They do require that you purchase a wading boot with these and that may not be easy because you have to try them on to get a perfect fit most of the time. Since the boot is not attached to the waders, they are very light and can be carried easily on the backpack until you need them. You can move around in these waders and get the traction you need while you are moving around. Keep in mind what terrain you are walking in to make sure that your feet are covered appropriately.

What to Look for in Waders

Whether you choose a fishing wader or hunting wader, you want to have a pair that is going to be dependable for you and hold up to all the handling of it as you put them on, take them off, carry them, or wash them. The material that you choose for your waders need to be heavy enough to hold in your body heat and keep out the cold. The better-quality wader you choose, the better the material it is made from and the longer the waders will last you.

You should feel comfortable when you are wearing them. They shouldn’t ride too tight on the stride and they shouldn’t be so bulky and big that they rattle when you walk. Wild animals have sharp hearing and the last thing you want them to hear is you coming up to them.

Breathable material is also particularly good. You are out walking, and you are going to sweat and you don’t to walk around in sweaty clothing. You need material that will absorb the sweat and allow the air to circulate without making you cold.

Some waders come with a complete outfit to help complete your look. You can purchase boots that go with the waders as well as a jacket to help protect you from the cold.

When you take your waders off, whether you have been hunting or fishing, you will want to make sure that you hang them up so they will dry.

You want to ensure that the material has time to eliminate the moisture and dries up so that they will be ready for the next trip. After your waders are dry, go ahead and fold them down so they fit into your backpack and you can go on with your day.