Does Planet Fitness Have A Sauna? (Answered)

Various fitness centers in the US and other countries offer sauna services. However, there are also some gym chains that do not provide this room or have discontinued it.

Planet Fitness is a low-cost gym chain with classes, showers, guest passes, and much more. Do you want to know whether this club has sauna rooms at its facilities?

If so, you’re in the right place. Here is everything you need to know about Planet Fitness and its sauna service.

Does Planet Fitness Have A Sauna?

Planet Fitness does not have a sauna service for members and guests. The gym chain also does not provide steam rooms for relaxation. However, you can enjoy tanning, massage chairs, and hydromassages with a Black Card membership of this gym.

The club has been operating for many years, but it has never introduced a sauna room. Not only that, but you can access other amenities by getting the Black Card membership program. This is the most expensive package.

Many gyms offer a sauna service at select locations. This is why you must understand if Planet Fitness doesn’t offer this room at all branches.

Do All Planet Fitness Locations Don’t Have A Sauna?

You will not find a sauna service at Planet Fitness’s domestic and international locations. The gym chain only offers similar amenities such as massage chairs, hydromassages, and tanning.

It is also best to comprehend why Planet Fitness does not offer a sauna. This will help you make a better membership decision.

Why Doesn’t Planet Fitness Have A Sauna?

Planet Fitness represents itself as an affordable gym with multiple benefits. Because of this, the chain does not have saunas at all its locations. If the club provides this service, it will have to increase prices.

So the gym chain does not have a sauna to keep its membership costs low. The fitness center’s primary aim is to help people access gym equipment without breaking their banks.

Besides that, you can join another gym if you need a sauna at your workout place. Luckily, many clubs in the US offer this service.

What Other Gyms Have A Sauna?

LA Fitness is a famous gym with a sauna at most of its locations. 24 Hour Fitness is another national club with this service. The best part is that they both are easily accessible and affordable.

YMCA also has traditional saunas to help you relax before and after workouts. Lifetime Fitness also has eucalyptus-infused steam rooms and dry heat saunas.

Equinox is another affordable gym chain that provides sauna services at most locations. If you don’t want to change your fitness club, you can go to other places with a sauna.

Where Else Can You Go To Use A Sauna?

Many public bathhouses in the US have steam rooms and low-cost saunas. You can also access this service by visiting a local spa for a massage. There are also private sauna places you can see.

Besides that, you can go to a recreational or sports club with a sauna amenity. However, the top option is to use the service of a reliable gym chain.