Is Wonton Soup Good For Weight Loss?

Soups are one of the top items people with weight loss goals consume. They are low in calories and are considered a very light meal. It also serves as a good alternative to junk snacks with high carbs.

Among the types of soup, wonton soup is a very popular Asian food. Wontons are similar to tortellini or ravioli in that they are folded around a meat mixture, and it is a great way to satisfy a craving without leaving the house. But is wonton soup good for weight loss?

Wonton soup can be a good snack or meal for weight loss because of its low-calorie count. It is made from chicken broth filled with vegetables, and contains only 180 calories with low-fat content, making them an excellent food for people on a diet.

The dish also does not contain processed ingredients making it better for weight loss due to unnecessary components that lead to gradual weight gain.

Replacing unhealthy meals with wonton soup can help you to lose weight quickly and maintain a good figure. Unlike other soups, it does not contain high corn flour adding to the calories, so you can maintain a calorie deficit easily.

The soup is also packed with vitamins in minerals to provide you energy for working out. This means you can exercise more easily and lose weight faster.

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Wonton Soup Brands Comparison For Weight Loss

You will not encounter many wonton soup competitors because the dish is made at home. It won’t be easy to get this item from stores except in high-end restaurants.

The restaurant-made wonton soup is not good for weight loss because different places add various preservatives and additional ingredients. So the soup will have high calories and fat content.

Some store-bought mixes are available to help you make wonton soup at home. Remember that they do not affect the calories significantly, so you can easily choose any one brand.

Dragonfly Wonton Soup Mix0
Dynasty Wonton Soup Mix0
Knorr Wonton Soup Mix15

You can use these mixes to make wonton soup with low calories at home. Dynasty and Dragonfly products are preferred because they do not contain calories.

So the only things that will add to the calories will be your ingredients. You can easily control the items to make the best wonton soup for weight loss.

You may also eat wonton soup in different ways, such as portion control to lose weight faster.

How To Eat Wonton Soup To Lose Weight?

The best way to lose weight promptly with wonton soup is by only having the soup as one of your meals. You should avoid combining different dishes during that time to stay within the daily nutrient limit.

You should also avoid having only wonton soup as a meal. The dish may have low calories, but it is not adequate to meet daily nutrition requirements.

So you can have the soup for dinner as a light snack and have proper lunch to gain other nutrients. It is also best to avoid having wonton soup with high-calorie items such as tortilla chips.

Wonton Soup Alternatives For Weight Loss

Wonton soup may be good for weight loss, but there are many other soups with low calories. These include spinach soup, white bean soup, roasted swede soup, and more.

Wonton Soup180
Spinach Soup96
White Bean Soup128
Roasted Swede Soup54

You must remember that these soups mainly contain vegetables and no chicken. Poultry and meat significantly increase calories which may not be good for weight loss.

It is also best to avoid using processed ingredients and refined corn flour for making the dish. You should also not have crackers with the soup to avoid unnecessary calories.

Wonton Soup Vs. Broths For Weight Loss

Besides wonton soup, you may also enjoy broths. They are more suitable for weight loss because of their low carbs, low calories, and nutrient-rich composition.

SoupCalories Per Cup
Wonton Soup180
Chicken Bone Broth30 to 60
Beef Bone Broth35 to 50
Noodle Broth60

Standard chicken and beef broths have 60 and 50 calories, respectively. Their low sodium versions contain 30 and 35 calories.

Broths are good for weight loss because they have low calories yet are protein-rich. So you will feel full for longer and can lose about 10 to 20 pounds within one to two weeks on a bone broth diet.