15 Gyms That Have Yoga Classes (& Mat Availability)

The average cost of a single session of yoga at a studio is around $10 to $20. For private lessons, on the other hand, you’ll likely spend around $30 to $70. Most gyms now offer Yoga classes for free as classes are often included in your membership.

Many low-cost and luxury gyms come with yoga classes to offer high flexibility to members. These include Crunch Fitness, Planet Fitness, YMCA, Gold’s Gym, Lifetime Fitness, Equinox, and more. You can enjoy Vinyasa to Core yoga classes at these clubs easily.

Gym NameClass TypeYoga Mat
Crunch FitnessGroup
Planet FitnessGroup
24 Hour FitnessGroup
LA FitnessGroup
Lifetime FitnessGroupRent Only
Gold’s GymGroup
EquinoxGroup & Virtual
Anytime FitnessGroup
World GymGroup & Virtual
UFC GymGroup
YMCAGroup & Virtual
Snap FitnessGroup
Onelife FitnessGroup & Single
GoodLife FitnessGroup

All these gyms have various options for yoga classes to help you burn calories by exercising and staying fit. Here are the complete details of these clubs to help you decide on a specific location.

Crunch Fitness

Class LocatorCrunch Fitness Classes
Class TypeGroup
Yoga Mat AvailabilityYes

Crunch Fitness is a famous gym that offers amenities such as yoga lessons in the form of group classes. The timing of the sessions varies from one location to another, but a typical yoga class at this club last for about 45 minutes.

You are recommended to bring your own yoga mat, but some locations also allow you to purchase this gym accessory from the club. The fitness center offers Vinyasa Yoga, Core Yoga, and Antigravity Yoga classes.

If you have a base membership at the club, you must pay extra charges for every yoga session. However, the fee for the class is covered by the membership charges in Peak and Peak Results membership packages.

Planet Fitness

Class LocatorPlanet Fitness Classes
Class TypeGroup
Yoga Mat AvailabilityNo

Planet Fitness is a low-cost gym that offers yoga classes at only selective locations. You can know which branch is providing this service by contacting the gym management.

The classes are mainly held for groups to accommodate various people while saving time. You will not find yoga mats at Planet Fitness, so you must bring your own from home.

Fitness training classes are mainly included in the membership package of the gym. However, it is better to contact the gym and learn whether they charge an additional amount.

Some branches may charge extra for the class, while others may not.

24 Hour Fitness

Class Locator24 Hour Fitness Yoga Classes
Class TypeGroup
Yoga Mat AvailabilityYes

24 Hour Fitness is an excellent gym that offers various classes such as yoga, Zumba, cardio lessons, and HIIT training. You can enjoy these lessons in group form for a pleasant experience.

The classes are included in the membership packages. These include the $56.99 monthly plan and the yearly plan.

This fitness club has an app called 24GO app which comes with a monthly fee of $14.99. You can use this application to reserve slots for your yoga classes and check the schedule for the upcoming weeks.

Some well-developed locations of this club also offer yoga mats during the class. However, this service will be unavailable at smaller branches.

LA Fitness

Class LocatorLA Fitness Classes
Class TypeGroup
Yoga Mat AvailabilityYes

LA Fitness is a well-developed gym with an extensive range of classes, including yoga lessons. You can enjoy the session with a group of other members for a fun experience.

The club offers multiple membership plans such as single-club packages or multi-club packages. Both these options include group yoga classes, so you will not have to pay extra for the sessions.

This fitness center also offers free yoga mats to members during the class. So you will not have to worry about bringing your own accessory to the gym.

Each yoga session lasts for about 55 minutes at LA Fitness and includes various movements. The class will allow you to strengthen your core muscles and improve flexibility.

Lifetime Fitness

Class LocatorLifetime Fitness Yoga Classes
Class TypeGroup
Yoga Mat AvailabilityRent only

Lifetime Fitness is a luxury gym that offers classes, showers, and other amenities. You can use the club to participate in different types of yoga lessons such as:

  • Flow Yoga
  • Root Yoga
  • SOL classes
  • Fire HIIT Yoga
  • Be Meditation
  • Surrender Yin Classes

The club does not offer you complimentary yoga mats or allow you to purchase them. However, you can rent this item for $4 during every session if you don’t have a yoga mat or forget to bring yours.

Timings of the sessions also vary, depending on the class type. Root, Flow, and Surrender lessons last for one hour, while SOL to Be classes are for 1 hour and 15 minutes.

Gold’s Gym

Class LocatorGold’s Gym Classes
Class TypeGroup
Yoga Mat AvailabilityYes

Gold’s Gym is another high-end gym with various classes for members. You can enjoy Root, Vinyasa, and other types of yoga lessons at this well-developed club.

The club offers various membership packages such as Standard or Yearly passes. Both these plans offer you access to unlimited classes without any extra charges.

Gold’s Gym also offers mats during classes for the convenience, so you don’t have to worry about buying one for your lessons. Of course, the club will not stop you if you do bring your own mat.

Most branches do not charge any fee for the classes, but some select locations may do. Typically, you may have to pay $35 for each lesson at some branches.


Class LocatorEquinox Yoga Classes
Class TypeGroup and Virtual
Yoga Mat AvailabilityYes

Equinox is an expensive gym that has various locations across the US. You can enjoy different yoga classes at this club by signing up for group fitness lessons or virtual sessions.

The virtual sessions are for those who prefer to perform yoga alone instead of a group. This class starts with an introductory session of $80 and you will have to pay extra for each lesson.

If you choose the group yoga classes at the club, you will have to visit the branch. A great thing is that the fitness center offers free high-end mats for you to use during the lesson.

The staff will also clean the mat for you to ensure a hygienic environment. So you don’t have to worry about getting your own item.

Anytime Fitness

Class LocatorAnytime Fitness Classes
Class TypeGroup
Yoga Mat AvailabilityYes

Anytime Fitness is a reasonable gym with group fitness classes such as yoga. The club allows you to enjoy this activity for an extra fee apart from your membership charges.

Some branches offer yoga mats for free during the classes, while other locations may ask you to rent the item for $1 to $2 if you don’t have your own mat.

You can try its services for free using a 7-day trial pass. So you can easily decide whether or not to join this club for yoga after meeting the instructors.

World Gym

Class LocatorWorld’s Gym Classes
Class TypeGroup and Virtual
Yoga Mat AvailabilityYes

World Gym has more than 215 locations spread across 20 countries. The fitness club offers group and on-demand live yoga classes to its members.

The live option is suitable for you if you don’t want to visit the gym for the class. Meanwhile, group lessons are for members who actively come to the gym and prefer in-person guidance.

This gym offers an all-access membership package for $19 per month. You will get access to classes for free with this plan.

Other plans such as the three-month package also offer access to yoga classes without any additional charges. However, remember the membership price may vary from one location to another.


Class LocatorUFC Classes
Class TypeGroup
Yoga Mat AvailabilityYes

UFC Gym has been mainly designed for MMA athletes but it also offers various yoga classes. The most popular option by this club is the Flow Yoga lessons.

These are available to Fitness, Champion, and Ultimate members without extra charges. Each class lasts for 50 minutes and takes place in the boxing area.

The club also provides mats during the session, so you only need to come in your athletic clothes. It is also suggested to be barefoot during class for better balance.

UFC Gym also offers hot yoga sessions at select locations. You can know about these by contacting gym management or checking the schedule for your specific branch.


Class LocatorCurves Classes
Class TypeGroup
Yoga Mat AvailabilityNo

Curves is an all-females gym that offers basic classes to help women stay fit while taking out time for their daily chores. The club offers group yoga sessions during the day hours to help you improve your core muscles.

You can sign up for a program by finding a location near you and getting a membership. The classes take place in small groups of four to five people with an instructor leading the session.

You can take your own yoga mat with you because Curves does not offer this item at most locations. This option is preferable because of COVID-19 restrictions too.


Class LocatorYMCA Classes
Class TypeGroup and Virtual
Yoga Mat AvailabilityYes

YMCA is a well-developed fitness center that offers group yoga sessions and virtual classes to members for free. Kids of age 10 to 14 can also attend the lessons with their parents.

Meanwhile, people above the age of 15 can attend the classes without any guardian. The club also provides clean yoga mats and blocks which are free to use during the classes.

You can also use the YMCA app to benefit from the virtual classes. The app also allows members to book a slot for their in-person yoga session.

Senior-friendly classes are also available at this club for a wholesome experience. So if you want to join a gym with family-friendly options for yoga, YMCA should be your top choice.

Snap Fitness

Class LocatorSnap Fitness Classes
Class TypeGroup
Yoga Mat AvailabilityNo

Snap Fitness is a 24/7 gym that offers in-person group yoga classes to help you build your muscles. The sessions are included in the membership fee but the price may vary, depending on the branch.

You must also take your own mat with you because the club does not offer complimentary mats or for renting. A qualified instructor will help you nail all the postures and improve flexibility.

The sessions take place in a spacious room with wooden flooring to offer your mats the perfect traction. One class is about 60 minutes and takes place on different days.

Yoga classes at Snap Fitness on Sunday are usually busy, so you may not be able to get a place on this day. This is why it is better to plan your schedule by understanding the least busy time of the gym.

Onelife Fitness

Class LocatorOnelife Fitness Classes
Class TypeGroup and Single
Yoga Mat AvailabilityYes

Onelife Fitness is one of the few gyms that offer group yoga sessions and one-on-one yoga classes. The latter option is only available at select locations of this gym.

All locations also offer complimentary yoga mats, water, and towels during the class. You can also get a free guest pass to meet the certified instructors before joining a session.

Most of the branches include yoga classes in the membership package for a convenient experience. However, some locations may charge an extra fee per session.

The class schedule also varies from one branch to another. Luckily, you can get this information online at the official website.

GoodLife Fitness

Class LocatorGoodLife Fitness Yoga Classes
Class TypeGroup
Yoga Mat AvailabilityYes

GoodLife Fitness is a relatively expensive gym that offers Yin/Yang, Vinyasa, and Power yoga classes. These are available as group sessions at all locations of the gym.

You must get an Ultimate membership package to access the group class without additional charges. This plan costs about $36.99 per two weeks.

If you’re on a cheaper plan, you will have to pay some extra fee for each session. Mats and other equipment are also available at the gym without any additional charges.

One yoga session lasts for about 60 minutes and takes place in person at the club. GoodLife Fitness also offers women’s only group classes for a better experience.