LA Fitness Membership Cost 2022

Gym memberships cost can vary between states and locations. However, the average annual gym membership in the US is over $500 for the first year.

In the succeeding years, the cost drops because there are no enrolment or initiation fees one has to pay. If you are looking to become a member of LA Fitness, you have come to the right place.

Here is a complete cost guide of LA Fitness membership.

How Much Is LA Fitness Membership a Month?

LA Fitness membership costs $38.99 per month with no initiation fee for 6 months of single club access. On the other hand, the multi-club access membership costs $38.99 per month plus a $49 initiation fee. The membership includes Kids Klub, a heated pool, basketball, racquetball, and many other group classes.

You can benefit from many amenities after opting for an LA Fitness membership. For example, you can use showers, saunas, a gym, courts, and much more to stay physically fit using their amenities.

The cost will also depend on the type of membership you choose. That is because LA Fitness offers various types of memberships to its clients.

Types Of LA Fitness Membership

Single Club Membership
  • 1 Person $38.99
  • 2 Person $67.98
  • 3 Person $101.97
  • 4 Person $135.96
Multi-Club Membership
  • 1 Person $38.99 + $49 initiation fee
  • 2 Person $67.98 + $74 initiation fee
  • 3 Person $101.97 + $99 initiation fee
  • 4 Person $135.96 + $124 initiation fee

LA Fitness offers single and multi-club membership to its members, and the price will vary depending on the number of people. The tables above are the estimates, and all plans have an annual fee of $49.

Through the costs, you will notice that LA Fitness is affordable because these prices include many amenities you can avail of. It will allow you to fulfill all your fitness goals in no time.

Here is a monthly price comparison with all major gyms in the United States:

MonthlyInitiation fee
Crunch Fitness$9.99$30
Planet Fitness$10$10
Gold’s Gym$29$74
LA Fitness$38.99$0
Anytime Fitness$38.99$49.99
24 Hour Fitness$46.99$0

Initiation Fee For LA Fitness

There is no initial fee for single club membership of LA Fitness. However, there is an initiation fee for multi-club memberships, which you can view in the table above.

There is also an annual fee of $49 you will have to pay regardless of the type of membership plan you select. That is because all gyms charge a yearly fee from their members.

If you want, you can also add a family member to your LA Fitness plan. It will allow you to enjoy your fitness goals with people you love.

Adding a Family Member to LA Fitness

It costs $29.99 per month with an initiation fee of $25 to add a family member. However, there might be specific terms and conditions that will apply depending on your state and location.

That is why you can contact LA Fitness and ask them about these details. They will give you a much better overview of the terms and conditions of adding a family member.

You can also opt for a free pass that LA Fitness offers to understand what the club is all about.

Does LA Fitness Have A Free Day Pass?

LA Fitness offers free guest passes for people who want to see the club and enjoy a few amenities on the house. You can fill the form of the pass here and enjoy it in no time.

The pass will be sent to your email, and you will have to activate it within thirty days. Besides that, you can only avail of one free access in a six-month term.

Can I Pay My LA Fitness Membership Online?

You can make your billings and payments online. Your member account will allow you to update your profile, make payments, change billing information, or even freeze your membership.

So, if you are a member, you will not have to go to the physical LA Fitness location to make payments. You can easily do it from the comfort of your home.

Besides that, many people also wonder if LA Fitness has any special offers one can avail of.

Is There Any Special Offer On LA Fitness?

There are no special offers on membership at LA Fitness because their prices are already affordable. On the other hand, you can find deals and discounts of various classes that might lower your cost plus there are no senior discounts.

The membership price is non-negotiable, and it is a small price to pay for all the amenities you will receive. Once you do, you can enjoy it for a long time.