24-Hour Fitness vs. Lifetime Fitness

If you’re looking to join a new gym in a big city, you have probably seen both Lifetime Fitness and a 24-hour Fitness. Both are great options that are made for different clientele.

Lifetime is comparatively a luxurious gym, offering premium amenities and services. When you walk into a Lifetime, you will have a cleaner, high-end experience that comes at a cost.

A great mid-range option is 24 Hour Fitness, which is similar to LA Fitness and Gold’s Gym in terms of its offerings. The price is just about average compared to other gyms, and it has a variety of classes and equipment.

Whether you are looking to join a new gym in your area or you just recently moved. This comparison will give you a better idea of which gym will be the better for you and your needs.

Which Is Overall Better?

When it comes to finding a gym for you and your needs, there are going to be factors that are important for you but not for others.

 Lifetime Fitness24-Hour Fitness
Cost Winner
Rules and PoliciesWinner 
Group ClassesWinnerWinner
Personal TrainingWinnerWinner

If you’re looking for better pricing:

One of the first things that someone looks at when joining a gym is going to be the cost. If you’re looking for an affordable option, 24 Hour Fitness is going to be the better option.

You can get a 24 Hour Fitness membership for half of the price at Lifetime. If you don’t mind not having as much equipment, 24-hour fitness might be a better option for you.

If you’re looking for convenience:

If you travel a lot for work or leisure multi-club access is going to be important for you. Life Time has more than 150 locations in 41 major markets across North America. While 24 Hour Fitness now has more than 280 gym locations in 11 states across the U.S.

If you’re looking for higher quality:

Lifetime boasts a luxurious all-around experience for its customers. The high-end equipment and amenities add to the facility’s premium feel. The friendly staff makes it an endless effort to keep the clubs clean leaving you with a fulfilled experience.

If you want more equipment, a wider variety of classes, or an all-around better experience, Lifetime Fitness would be the better choice.

Membership Costs Comparison

Lifetime fitness is a high-end club that is filled with equipment and amenities at that level. However, that comes with a heavy price tag making it more expensive than your typical 24-Hour fitness.

The membership structure for Lifetime varies from club to club. Each club has different amenities making some more expensive than others.

 Lifetime Fitness24-Hour Fitness
Initiation Fee$0$0

Costs are going to vary from one location to another, but these are the average prices you will find across most locations. Both gyms do charge for additional services you may want access to.

Lifetime Fitness charges a premium due to the number of amenities it has to offer its customers. From indoor and outdoor swimming pools to spa services Lifetime has more amenities than any normal gym-goer would know what to do with.

24-Hour fitness sits at that mid-level pricing and is much more price-friendly. This is for someone who is looking to go get their workout in without the extra fluff.

Facilities & Amenities Comparison

Every gym is going to have something to offer that the other doesn’t. This is what gives a gym the experience its members are looking for. Here are the differences between the gym’s general amenity list.

 Lifetime Fitness24-Hour Fitness
Basketball Court
Tennis Court
Personal Training
Towel Service
Kids Club
Group Classes

Lifetime Fitness is going to offer amenities such as indoor/outdoor pools, group classes, towel service, and a kids club. So if you have a family this would be a great option for you to work out and not worry about your children.

24-Hour Fitness offers a lot of the same amenities minus the kids club. This means you will need to look to external daycare for your younger children while you work out.

Locations & Hours Comparison

Lifetime has more than 150 locations across the country. Meanwhile, 24-Hour fitness has 280 gym locations in 11 states across the U.S. Most of the Lifetime clubs are going to open at 5 am and close at 12 am. This will be a great option for most people as long as you are not looking for 24/7 service

Most big cities will offer both of these options however if you are doing a lot of traveling you may look for another option to fit your needs. Despite the name “24-Hour Fitness” not all clubs are going to be open 24/7. Most clubs open at 5 am and close at 10 pm with some staying open 24 hours a day.

Be sure to check your nearest Lifetime Fitness and 24 Hour Fitness location’s hours to see which option best fits your scheduling needs.

Classes Comparison

Lifetime Fitness and 24-Hour Fitness boh offer various group classes to fill their member’s needs. Some of the basic options include Zumba, yoga, cardio, and many more.

 Lifetime Fitness24-Hour Fitness
Spinning Cycles

Both gyms offer relatively the same classes, so you go with either gym if you are looking to take classes. Lifetime does charge extra for some of their higher-end classes.

Personal Training Comparison

Lifetime Fitness and 24-Hour Fitness both offer personal training services, but Lifetime is well-known for its own personal training academy.

A personal training session at Lifetime costs around $50 to $150 per hour. Meanwhile, 24-Hour Fitness charges for their personal training services in packages. Typically 5 sessions would cost around $245 to $350 and gets cheaper the more session you purchase.