Gyms with Childcare (Cost & Rules)

Fitness exercises have become the top priority of many people over the years for health and fitness reasons.

However, it can be difficult for parents to work out because of having no one to take of their child. Luckily, you don’t have to worry by joining a gym that offers daycare.

If you are searching for gyms that offer childcare services in the US according to different cities, you no longer have to. Here are the fitness clubs that you need to be aware of.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness has national gyms in the US that offer a Kids Klub at most of its locations in Los Angeles. You enlist your child of 3 months to 12 years at this gym’s daycare.

There will be an additional fee of $5 or more per visit. You can also get a Kids Klub membership paying $10 to $15.

Your kid can participate in various activities at this gym chain that promotes a fit physique. Additionally, they have a secure play area for a fun time.

They have a great program called Kids Klub, which is a great place for parents to send their kids when they’re not home. It’s a safe and secure place for them to play and care for their kids, which makes them one of the best gyms with childcare services.

Kids Klub is not included in your membership fee. Instead, it’s a monthly payment that will allow you to keep your kid at their childcare facilities for 2 hours a day.

The kids ages limit at the time of admission is 3 months to 12 years old. During the monthly plan, the child can stay at the facility for up to 2 hours.

To avoid paying the full amount, calculate the number of times that your child will be at the facility. LA Fitness has a variety of facilities and services that cater to different needs.

Gold’s Gym

Gold’s Gym also has a child-care center that provides parents with a drop-off facility for their kids. Aside from being able to provide a variety of activities, the center also offers a safe and secure environment for children.

You can also check the prices of their care services by clicking on the different membership packages. Usually, people can get a membership at Gold’s Gym by signing a 12-month contract.

Under the kids ages of 11, you must be a member of the Gold’s Gym Kids Club to be considered for child care.

Only a parent or legal guardian can leave the child at the center. All members must bring a government-provided ID to check in the kid.

The children at the center can participate in various activities, such as reading programs and movement exercises, designed to help them develop a stronger interest in fitness.

Some locations also have certified teachers. These individuals can help children with their homework. Children ages between 4 and 2 can enjoy one to 1.5 hours of child care at the Gold’s Gym daycare center.

The only child that can be in the gym center per day is 12 years old. All of the teachers at the Kid’s Club are CPR certified. The gym also conducts background checks before hiring workers.

To enter the Gold’s Gym Kids Club, members must first pass through a secure door. They then need to show their membership card and legal ID.

Life Time Fitness

Lifetime Fitness has a child-friendly area called the Kids Play Area, where parents can leave their kids for three months to eleven years. There are also various programs for kids.

Lifetime Fitness has childcare facilities that are included in its family membership packages. The two membership packages at Lifetime Fitness start at $249. They also include the ability to reserve infant care.

Although the company’s Kids Play Area is exclusively for children, the various programs available in the center can also vary.

One-on-one child care is not allowed at Lifetime Fitness. Instead, the facility offers a variety of programs and services for kids.

Lifetime Fitness requires its members to show their gym memberships cards when leaving the Play Area. Only parents or an authorized adult can drop or pick the child at the Kids Play Area. There are also rules regarding the use of the facility’s playground.

The company’s policy states that it will not lose its child care privileges if the member shows their card when they leave the area.

Since the facility is designed to provide a safe environment for children, it does not allow children under two to go to the room of their parents.


Equinox is a luxury gym in the US that offers excellent childcare services. You can leave your child for three months to eight years in the Kids Clubs of this fitness center.

However, keep in mind that you will have to buy a pass by paying an additional fee to access the daycare. This can be valid for one-time use or multiple visits.

Equinox is a high-end fitness club and it is expensive. If you have the budget, it is one of the best gyms with childcare services.

Another thing to note is that Equinox engages your child in various activities in the Kids Clubs. Not only that, but the gym offers a secure environment for you and your child.

You can book a slot for your kid at the gym using their app. There are also various options for families. Depending on the time of the day and the location of the gym, the cost for each child can vary.

To avoid disappointment, check if all of the company’s locations offer their own kid-friendly programs.

The good news is that there are plenty of Equinox locations that offer daycare. You can find the nearest one by visiting their website.

To qualify for their childcare facilities, you must be a member of the company. Follow the company’s rules when it comes to child care services. Doing so will help avoid getting suspended or getting charged with a membership violation.

Aside from being a gym member, you also need to be at least three months old to eight years old to be eligible for their kid-friendly programs.

Only the parents or authorized adults can leave the child at the Kids Clubs at the time of their choice. Also, make sure that both of you are punctual when leaving the facility.

Crunch Fitness

Kid’s Crunch is a safe and secure place for kids to play while they’re working out. Most locations offer it during the week, but there is a fee to use it.

After a stressful day at work, people need to get some time to themselves. Getting the kids to exercise is important, but finding the time to do so can be challenging.

Many Crunch locations offer Kid’s Crunch! Just call ahead to confirm that your local one provides this service.

Getting the time to exercise is important for everyone. You don’t want to leave the house while you’re at the gym. This is why Kid’s Crunch is so valuable.

Kid’s Crunch is a safe and secure place to let the kids play while you work out. All of the staff members are certified in first aid and CPR.

Most Kid’s Crunch facilities have an open room layout while the kids are playing. They also have separate areas for younger kids.

Gyms with Childcare In Los Angeles

Here are the top fitness clubs that provide daycare services to members in LA:

Breakthru Fitness

Breakthru Fitness is one of the best gyms in LA that offers childcare and kid programs. The studio started as a Pilates center but it is now a fully-developed gym with extensive equipment. You can put your kid in the facility by getting a membership at this club.

Bay Club

Bay Club is a famous fitness chain with four locations in the Los Angeles region. You can join the gym and participate in various group fitness classes for remaining fit. The club also has a developed childcare center with certified supervisors. So you can rest assured about the safety of your kid.

Los Angeles Athletic Club

The Los Angeles Athletic Club is designed to offer parents and single members an enjoyable fitness experience. This is why it has group fitness classes, amenities, childcare services, and much more. The gym has also various programs for juniors to help them grow a liking for fitness.

Rev Fitness

Rev Fitness is a cost-effective gym that caters to various members in LA. You can use the club to participate in engaging workouts, fitness classes, and much more.

The gym also has a daycare for infants and children ages above three. A key thing to note is that their childcare services are not free. You can purchase one visit or a monthly daycare membership.

Gyms with Childcare In New York

Here are the top fitness clubs that provide daycare services to members in New York:

New York Sports Club

New York Sports Club is a leading fitness center in the city that offers a Kids club to members. It has more than 100 locations in this region and provides 200+ classes. The best part is that it offers an extensive Kids Program that includes babysitting services for infants and young kids.

Club Fitness New York

Club Fitness New York is a gym that is located in the Queens region of this city. You can put your child of age 2 to 12 in the daycare of this club. The gym chain offers this service from Monday to Sunday. A key thing to note is that club provides a safe childcare center.

Harbor Fitness

Harbor Fitness is a famous club with four locations in the Brooklyn region of New York. The gym offers you various group classes and access to multiple services. You can also use the club’s free childcare by getting a membership.


YMCA is a famous gym chain with various locations throughout the US. It offers personal training, equipment access, and much more to members. You can also use the club for daycare services by getting a paid pass for the designated day.

Gyms with Childcare In Chicago

Here are the top fitness clubs that provide daycare services to members in Chicago:

Fitness Formula Club

Fitness Formula Club is one of the top gyms in Chicago that offer childcare services to members. The fitness chain has twelve locations in the city and provides excellent daycare for young kids. You can also use the club for amenities such as a spa, pool, and much more.

The Bar Method

The Bar Method is a gym that started in Chicago but now has more than 100 locations throughout the US. A key thing to note is that the fitness chain has a well-developed daycare for gym users. The best part is that club will engage your kid in various activities to develop mobility and promote a fit physique.


CocoonCare is a gym designed to help prenatal and postpartum women stay fit. This is why you can enjoy working out at this gym after giving birth. The top thing to note is that this club offers an excellent daycare for your infant. So you don’t have to compromise on fitness at any time.

Galter Life Center

The Galter Life Center is an excellent gym and massage facility that allows you to purchase daycare visits. You can leave your kid of twelve weeks to twelve years at this gym chain. The best part is that the minimum time your child receives is 1.5 hours and you can leave them in the kid center for a maximum of 3 hours.

Cheetah Gym

Cheetah Gym is an excellent chain that offers free daycare service for one child in your membership package. You can also add other kids by paying an additional $10 for each. The facility offers supervised fun by certified staff. You can enroll your newborn child to kids of age 11 in the gym’s childcare.

Gyms with Childcare In Boston

Here are the top fitness clubs that provide daycare services to members in Boston:


Benefitness is a gym in Boston that is designed to help women exercise in a safe environment. It also offers a daycare service on Tuesdays, Thursdays, and Fridays for single parents.

The gym chain charges $5 per child and allows them to use the daycare up to two hours. You should also note that you cannot put more than four children in the kids club.

Besides that, you can also engage in one-on-one babysitting services at this gym. However, you will have to schedule the appointment beforehand. It may also be more expensive than the kids club visit.

Boston Sports Club

The Boston Sports Club is a famous fitness center in Boston with more than 29 locations. You can engage in personal training, group classes, and much more at this gym.

A key thing to note is that the club offer programs for older kids to keep them engaged while you work out. Besides that, you can also access babysitting services at the gym.

The club allows you to use the daycare for children of 3 months to 10 years. You will have to get a babysitting membership to access the childcare services at this gym.


Healthworks is an excellent gym with four locations in Boston. The fitness club allows you to enjoy intense workout sessions. You also don’t have to worry if you are a parent.

The gym is a non-profit center that has been operating since 2002. This is why you can get childcare servicesat the club easily.

Keep in mind that some locations may not offer the daycare service. Besides that, the hours will vary depending on the branch’s timings.


Barre3 has various locations in Boston and offers a cost-effective fitness solution. You can use multiple services at this gym by getting a monthly membership.

The gym chain also has a play lounge at all of its locations for kids below the age of eighteen. Your kids will be supervised and the club will engage them in various activities.

A key thing to note is that the daycare service of this gym chain is not in the membership. You will have to purchase suitable packages to access the daycare.

Boston Athletic Club

The Boston Athletic Club offers extensive gym services to members and guests in this city. A key thing to note is that the club has a babysitting program that operates during the morning and afternoon.

Members can put their child in the daycare for $8 per hour. Besides that, you can also buy pre-paid packages for multiple visits. These are more cost-effective.

Children can be left in the daycare of this gym chain for a maximum of three hours. Besides that, the age limit is 3 months to 10 years.

What to Look for in Gym with Childcare

Gyms are often the only place where parents can find time to work out. But before you sign up for a membership, make sure that the childcare service is carefully screened.


Some gym facilities have an age limit or a maximum. Also, make sure that the room has a toilet-trained child. If you’re planning on leaving the gym while your kid is in the care of a nanny, make sure that you’re prepared to follow the rules.


Depending on the type of service that they offer, some gymacilities charge extra for their child care. But, be sure to factor this into your overall family budget.

Staff Training

Before a child can be placed in the care of a gym, the staff should have undergone a criminal background check. It’s also helpful to check the facilities’ policies and procedures to make sure that they’re teaching kids about child development.

Caregivers Ratio

Ideally, the number of children in a facility should not be more than 3 or 4. This ensures that the kids get the attention they deserve and are safer in the event of an emergency.

When it comes to choosing a gym for your child’s care, make sure that they have on-call staff members who can handle emergencies. Also, make sure that they’re following proper regulations.

Safety & Sanitation

To find the best childcare facility, visit and perform a five-sense test. This test aims to evaluate the facility’s cleanliness, friendliness, and overall appearance.

Hours of Operation

When is the childcare room open and how many kids can stay in it? If it’s first-come, first-serve, make sure to visit the gym to observe the time that you’ll be working out. If you’re not able to use the facility due to a crowd of parents, consider changing your schedule.