Crunch Fitness Vs. Planet Fitness (Which Is Better?)

Crunch Fitness is a better gym for people wanting various amenities and options for kids. It is famous for its equipment, clean environment, and lower membership cost.

Planet Fitness is also a famous gym with a low membership cost. However, it is mainly for people in need of basic amenities such as access to gym equipment.

If you’re struggling to decide which low-cost gym you should join out of these clubs, here is a complete comparison.

Crunch Fitness Vs. Planet Fitness Comparison

Crunch Fitness is cheaper than Planet Fitness and has more amenities. There are quality equipment, shower service, Kids club, and more at Crunch Fitness. Planet Fitness has good equipment, but it lacks family-friendly options.

 Crunch FitnessPlanet Fitness
Hours Winner
Locations Winner

If You’re Looking For Better Pricing:

Pricing plays an integral role in a membership decision because not everyone can afford high fees. Crunch Fitness is a better option because it has lower long-term charges, especially for those who pay yearly.

If You’re Looking For Higher Quality:

The quality of service and equipment must be high for a pleasant experience. Crunch Fitness goes beyond expectations in this category because of its high-end equipment and cooperative staff.

If You’re Looking For Convenience:

Reaching your gym must be convenient for you so that you are not tired by the time you arrive. Planet Fitness may be better for you in this regard because of the higher number of locations that makes it more accessible.

Cost Comparison

 Crunch FitnessPlanet Fitness
Monthly Fee$9.99$10.00
Yearly Fee$100.00$199.00
Initiation Fee$30.00$10.00

The monthly fee for both gyms is more or less the same. However, the yearly makes the difference between these two clubs.

Crunch Fitness is less expensive than Planet Fitness if you want to pay yearly membership. The overall cost is almost half that of Planet Fitness.

You must also remember that Crunch Fitness offers better value for money than Planet Fitness in the same monthly fee. This is because of better amenities.

Facilities & Amenities Comparison

 Crunch FitnessPlanet Fitness
Personal Training
Towel Service
Kids Club 
Group Fitness Classes

The amenities at Crunch Fitness are more because the gym is family-friendly. Its management aims to offer everyone the same experience as a high-end gym without charging a high fee.

Basketball courts are present at various Crunch Fitness locations. Some branches offer full-size indoor courts, while others have small outdoor spaces for friendly matches.

The best part about Crunch Fitness is that it has a Kids Club. So you will not have to worry about your children while working out during the daytime business hours.

Business Hours Comparison

Crunch Fitness is open from 5 am to 11 pm daily to offer a pleasant experience to members. The club is only closed or operates with some restrictions on holidays.

Planet Fitness wins the business hours battle because it operates 24/7. So you can visit the location early morning or late at night.

The 24/7 timing is suitable if you only use gym equipment and cannot visit a club during the day due to work. Visiting late at night may also work for you if you’re a parent and cannot leave your children alone during the day.

Locations Comparison

Planet Fitness has about 1,899 locations spread across 50 states in the US. Meanwhile, Crunch Fitness only has 400 clubs making it less accessible in some regions.

However, if you do have a Crunch Fitness club nearby, choosing it will be better. You can enjoy more flexibility and have more fun due to the various amenities.

If you want to play basketball, enjoy Kids Club, and have better equipment, Crunch Fitness will help you. You can also participate in various classes at this gym.

Classes Comparison

Crunch Fitness and Planet Fitness offer various classes to their members, including personal training and group fitness classes. Zumba, Cardio, and Yoga are some of the options at these clubs.

ClassesCrunch FitnessPlanet Fitness
Spinning Cycles 

Specialized classes such as Zumba, Cardio, and Yoga are also available only at select Planet Fitness locations. Crunch Fitness does not have this restriction.

You can enjoy more options for classes at Crunch Fitness because of the various options. Spinning cycle lessons are not available at Planet Fitness due to a lack of experienced trainers.

Personal Trainers Comparison

ClubFee Per Hour
Crunch Fitness$100
Planet FitnessFree with membership

The personal trainers at Crunch Fitness are better because of their greater experience and qualifications. They offer personal fitness classes to keep you more comfortable while working out.

These personal trainers also help you during the group fitness classes and earlier mentioned specialized classes. You will not experience the same level of flexibility at Planet Fitness.

The personal trainers at Planet Fitness are primarily focused on fitness training using gym equipment, but they do not give one-on-one attention. They also use a fixed 30-minute circuit plan to help you train.

This fixed plan is not suitable for every member. So you may not enjoy the lessons due to limited attention and control.

Daycare Comparison

Crunch Fitness is one of the gyms that offer daycare service across all its branches, while Planet Fitness does not. There is also no Kids Club at the latter gym.

Planet Fitness does not allow children under age 13 to come to the gym. So you must find alternatives for young kids when working out during the day at Planet Fitness.

You can also choose Crunch Fitness because they have a proper daycare for young kids. The fitness center also offers a Kids Club to engage your children in fun activities.

The daycare staff at Crunch Fitness is also highly capable and knows how to perform CPR during medical emergencies. So you will not have to worry about the safety of your kid.