Does Crunch Fitness Have A Sauna? (Answered)

Many fitness clubs offer a sauna service in the US. For instance, you can enjoy this amenity at LA Fitness.

Crunch Fitness is a famous gym with personal training, guest passes, classes, and other services. If you’re wondering about its sauna policy, you’re in the right place.

Here is what you need to know about whether Crunch Fitness has a sauna or not.

Does Crunch Fitness Have A Sauna?

Crunch Fitness offers a sauna room to its one-club and all-club members. The best part is that the gym chain also has traditional steam rooms available for use. You also don’t have to worry about prices because the sauna amenity is included in the membership.

A vital thing you must note is that not all locations of Crunch Fitness have a sauna. So you will have to call the nearest branch before visiting to learn about the service.

The Tribeca branch of this gym chain is famous for having a sauna. You must also follow all the rules at the branch to avoid mishaps.

Crunch Fitness Sauna Rules

The top rule you should follow at Crunch Fitness is wearing proper clothes when using the sauna. For instance, you must be in activewear or swimwear to enter the room.

You should also wear sandals or open-toed shoes when visiting the Crunch Fitness sauna. The facility may also require you to shower before entering the room.

Besides that, you should also follow the regular club policy, such as not using a phone in the sauna zone. Abiding by the rules will prevent you from getting strikes.

It is also best to know the sauna type that Crunch Fitness offers. After all, your needs may be different.

What Type Of Sauna Does Crunch Fitness Have?

The gym chain offers dry heat saunas at select locations within the room. This type is best for warming up before attending a workout session. However, it can help you relax after exercising too.

Besides the sauna, Crunch Fitness also has traditional steam rooms for members. The top difference between the two zones is that saunas tend to operate at a higher temperature.

Crunch Fitness Sauna Temperature

The fitness club has not disclosed the sauna temperature on its website because of the limited locations. Typically, you can expect the room to operate at 177 to 184 degrees Fahrenheit.

Besides that, you can adjust the temperature as per your needs. So you can reduce the value if the room is too hot for you.

Another thing to remember is that not everyone can use Crunch Fitness’s sauna. This is why you should learn the club policy.

Who Can Use The Sauna At Crunch Fitness?

All members can use the sauna at this gym chain during operating hours. This means that you can access the room any time from morning to evening. People with guest passes can also use the sauna for relaxing.

Kids aged 14 and above may enter the sauna, but it is not advisable. This is due to the high exposure to heat. They also require adult supervision at all times.