Does Crunch Fitness Have A Basketball Court? (Answered)

Many luxury gym chains in the US provide basketball courts to members. For instance, you can get this amenity at Lifetime Fitness.

Crunch Fitness is an affordable gym with classes, personal training, and guest passes. Are you looking to learn whether the chain has a basketball court?

If so, your search ends. Here is what you need to know about Crunch Fitness and its basketball court availability.

Does Crunch Fitness Have A Basketball Court?

Crunch Fitness has a basketball court for adult members in the US. However, the amenity is not included in the membership package. You will have to put the basketball court as an add-on and pay an additional fee to use the space.

Crunch Fitness has been operating for many years, but it introduced basketball courts around 2017. The newer locations of this gym chain offer this amenity as an add-on.

It is also essential to learn whether the fitness chain offers basketball courts at all locations. This will allow you to make a better membership decision about your nearest branch.

Which Crunch Fitness Locations Have A Basketball Court?

All locations of Crunch Fitness do not have a basketball court. Currently, the newer branches in the US have this amenity. You can learn about the locations that offer basketball courts by calling the club.

A key thing to note is that the basketball court is available at the Chatsworth location. You can put it as an add-on regardless of the Crunch Fitness membership package you have.

Figarden location of Crunch Fitness also has an outdoor basketball court for practice. Not only that, but it is the only gym in that town with this amenity.

You should also understand the basketball court policy of this gym chain. It will prevent you from breaking the rules.

Crunch Fitness Basketball Court Policy

The gym chain has not put its basketball court policy on its website. You can learn about it by visiting the front desk of the branch with this amenity. However, remember that general court guidelines will be in the policy.

Here are the general rules that you must be aware of:

  • You must wear athletic footwear on the court
  • No food is allowed in the basketball area
  • Proper clothing must be worn in the court
  • No liquids except water are allowed in the basketball zone

Who Can Use The Basketball Court At Crunch Fitness?

Crunch Fitness only allows members with the basketball add-on to use this amenity. You cannot use the space if you have a membership but do not have the court add-on.

Guests may be allowed to use the amenity on the guest pass. However, the final decision depends on the management.

Kids above age 14 can also use the basketball court at Crunch Fitness. However, they must be supervised by a family adult.

It is also essential to learn the basketball court size at this gym. This is because Crunch Fitness has various options.

How Big Is The Basketball Court At Crunch Fitness?

Some locations of Crunch Fitness, such as Figarden, have an outdoor court. This is a small-sized zone with only one hoop. So you cannot play here with a complete team.

Meanwhile, some locations, such as Chatsworth, have a full-sized indoor basketball court. You can play with a team at this branch and others like it.

Other Gyms That Have Basketball Courts

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LA Fitness$38.99/moInformation
24 Hour Fitness$46.99/moInformation

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