10 Gyms With Free Trials (1-7 Days)

Gym memberships can be expensive and sometimes confuse a person if they should go for it or not. Therefore, gyms now offer free trials to people so they can come to have a look around their gyms. This makes it easier for many to make their decision.

Various gyms across the US offer free trials. Some best gyms include YMCA, 24 Hour Fitness, World Gym, Crunch Fitness, Planet Fitness, and many more.

Gym NameDuration of Free Trial
YMCA7 days
24 Hour Fitness3 days
World Gym1 day
Crunch Fitness3 days
Planet Fitness1 day
GoodLife Fitness1 day
Anytime Fitness7 days
Gold’s Gym7 days
Equinox1 day
F451 day

Before choosing where to get a membership, you can have a free trial at the gyms mentioned above. However, there are many details you need to know about before opting for the membership plan. Here is a complete guide to help you.

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Where To Sign Up For Free Trial?Online or Gym
Drop-In FeeNone

YMCA is one of the most popular fitness chains in the country. The gym offers a seven-day free trial pass that you can use anytime. However, YMCA only allows the locals to use the free trial.

Therefore, when signing up for the free trial, you must show your ID and add personal information such as your email address and zip code. In addition, you must be 18 years or older to avail of the free trial.

The best thing about the free trial here at YMCA is using all the amenities such as group classes, indoor track, swimming pool, and more for seven days. In addition, YMCA charges a $0 drop-in fee.

However, not all YMCA locations have a pool. So you will be lucky if your nearest location has a pool and you go for a free trial.

Lastly, always carry your ID for the first time you go to avail your free trial pass.

24 Hour Fitness

Where To Sign Up For Free Trial?Online
Drop-In Fee$25

24 Hour Fitness has various locations across the country, and every club offers several amenities. This experience you can get at 24 Hour Fitness as a member is expensive. Therefore, many people can’t decide if they should go for membership or not.

That is when the free trial makes it easier for anyone to decide if they should be a 24 Hour Fitness member or not. But, of course, one day isn’t enough for a free trial; that is why 24 Hour Fitness offers a three-day free trial pass.

However, 24 Hour Fitness provides a free trial pass to those who live in that club’s local area. Therefore, you must submit your ID, name, and email address.

Children above 12 years are also given a free trial pass but only under adult supervision. Once your pass has been activated through the online submission portal, it will be expired in 72 hours. So make sure to avail it before that.

Remember that a free trial may not be available in some 24 Hour Fitness clubs where capacity is already limited. In addition, the free trial pass will cost you a drop-in fee of $25.

If you go for their membership after the free trial, the drop-in fee will be adjusted against your fee. That is why if you go the membership it doesn’t matter how much pay as the drop-in fee as it is adjusted.

World Gym

Where To Sign Up For Free Trial?Online or Gym
Drop-In Fee$10

World Gym offers a three-day free trial pass to its potential members. As a result, the gym offers a premium experience for all its members. In addition, there are many amenities you can enjoy when using the free trial pass.

The World Gym offers a free trial pass for a day. However, if you want to join a friend and go for the guest pass, that is also available, but the guest passes are not free, and you will be charged for that.

There are different prices for the guest pass depending on the duration you want it for. If you want a free trial, carry your photo ID with you when going to the gym.

World Gym has more than 40 clubs in the US. Most of them are individually owned by others, and that is why not all locations may offer a free trial pass. Therefore, check the location you can get a free trial pass for. 

Every location may have a different policy regarding their free trial pass. So it best to understand the rules you have to follow of the club where you are going to use the free trial pass.

Crunch Fitness

Where To Sign Up For Free Trial?Online or Gym
Drop-In Fee$10

Crunch Fitness is a popular gym known for offering a premium experience at a low cost. However, many people wonder why Crunch Fitness is so cheap

The gym offers a one-day free trail pass. To be on the safe side, you can always fill out an online form to free trial pass. One day may be less for you to experience all the amenities Crunch Fitness offers.

However, there is no time duration for the free trial, so check out everything properly. In addition, the free trial pass is only for you if you live in the local area of the Crunch Fitness club you visit.

That is why before using your pass, you will be asked to show proof of your residency. For example, a photo ID or driving license is enough.

A drop-in fee of $10 is very affordable compared to other gyms. However, you can also use a three-day pass available at selected Crunch Fitness locations.

So don’t forget to ask about the three-day pass at the location you go. What if you get lucky?

Planet Fitness

Where To Sign Up For Free Trial?Online
Drop-In Fee$20

Planet Fitness is a gym that you should keep in mind if you want to only use basic exercise equipment at affordable costs. That is because the business model of Planet Fitness is very different from other gyms.

It is mainly for those people who are not fitness freaks and visit the gym very less. In addition, there are even lunk alarms that go off when a member picks a heavyweight.

Even after such a business model, Planet Fitness has over 13 million members. Therefore, you should get a one-day free trial pass to see what the hype is about. It may be a different experience for you.

The free trial passes are not available at the gym, so you must fill out an online form to get them. Once you fill out the form, the free trial pass will be mailed to you.

In addition, make sure to understand how to use your free trial pass at Planet Fitness.

GoodLife Fitness

Where To Sign Up For Free Trial?Online or Gym
Drop-In Fee$25 plus taxes

GoodLife Fitness is one of the remarkable gyms you can go to work on your physique. With over 200 clubs worldwide, GoodLife Fitness offers unique amenities and facilities to its members.

However, they only offer a one-day free trial to non-members. The best thing about the free-trial pass is that GoodLife Fitness requires you to take a tour of the club before using the free trial pass. During the tour, you are shown every part of the gym and the rules everyone has to follow.

GoodLife Fitness has maintained a standard in the industry, and they want nothing to happen that could affect that. So once you have your tour, you will have a week to use your free trial pass.

If you don’t use the pass within one week of your tour, the pass will automatically expire.

Anytime Fitness       

Where To Sign Up For Free Trial?Online or Gym
Drop-In Fee$10 plus taxes

Anytime Fitness offers a luxurious experience to all its members. The fitness chain always tops the list of best gyms. It is one of the gyms that you should try and see if you want to join it or not.

In addition, the best thing about getting a free trial pass of Anytime Fitness is that it is a week pass. Seven days are a lot for you to have a free trial at just a drop-in fee of $10.

You can be a part of the group classes and fitness studio and use the sauna, showers, and every amenity offered by Anytime Fitness. However, you will only be given a free trial pass to your local club.

But don’t worry, that is even better as almost every Anytime Fitness club offers all the amenities. So don’t forget to go to Anytime Fitness to use the free trial pass.

It is an experience that one must have, and seven days are a lot for you to feel a good vibe at your local Anytime Fitness club.

Gold’s Gym

Where To Sign Up For Free Trial?Online or Gym
Drop-In Fee$15

Gold’s Gym is known as an expensive gym, but the amenities and experience offered are worth it. The fitness chain is popular for its luxurious experience, which is why many people pay high membership costs.

Gold’s Gym offers several amenities, including showers, a sauna, a pool, a basketball court, and many more. However, many people may refrain from paying such costs due to high membership costs.

Therefore, the gym offers seven day free trial pass for you to check out the gym and have an amazing experience. Since there are so many facilities for you to use at Gold’s Gym, seven days are enough for a free trial.

The drop-in fee is just $15, and that is good compared to the duration of the free trial pass at a luxurious gym.


Where To Sign Up For Free Trial?Online
Drop-In Fee$0

Equinox is a gym that is always found less crowded than other gyms. It is a high-end gym with premium equipment and services to be used only by its members.

Equinox is not only a gym but is a brand itself. Therefore, you will find many celebrities working out there. The gym may have remarkable amenities, but the free trial pass is only for a day.

You can only get their free trial pass by filling out a form online. Once you get the pass, it will only be used for a day.

Make sure to experience everything there is to at Equinox and then decide if it is worth paying such a membership fee or not. Even if the membership cost is high and not affordable, you will have a great experience.

At the end of your trial at Equinox, don’t forget to have a dip in their pool and relax before leaving.


Where To Sign Up For Free Trial?Online
Drop-In Fee$0

F45 offers a different and innovative workout experience to its members. It is a gym that is growing daily and introducing new group classes. The best thing here is the power workout classes you can enjoy with many people.

Socializing and making new friends while you work out becomes easier. However, they also offer many other amenities other than group classes. You can always avail their seven days free trial passes for a $0 drop-in fee.

Once the free trial pass is activated, it will live for seven days. It doesn’t matter if you use it or not, as the pass will expire after the seventh day.

Therefore, make the best of it and attend as many classes as possible. What if this was what you were looking for?

The F45 gym has successfully created a community of its members and trainers. This helps bring experience and motivation for all the members to work hard.