10 Gyms With Sauna (Age Restriction & Policies)

Before you enter the gym sauna, make sure that you shower thoroughly. Since you will be using it after your workout, you might sweat a bit. After that, just rinse off any dirt and sweat that accumulated in the room. Everyone in the sauna will appreciate it.

Keep in mind that public saunas can get crowded, so be respectful and avoid taking up too much space & too long. If someone new comes in, make room for them so that everyone can rest comfortably.

In order to avoid disturbing other people in the sauna wearing a robe or towel to avoid sitting on the bench. Also, don’t wear gym clothes or shoes.

After completing your workout, don’t exercise in the sauna. It’s best to just relax and enjoy the time that you have left. Do not bring electronic devices into the sauna. These can potentially damage your phone and disturb other users.

Below is a list of 10 gyms with saunas near you.

List of 10 Gyms With Sauna

Many gyms in the US offer the experience of a Sauna with their membership plans, such as Life Time Fitness, LA Fitness, 24 Hour Fitness, Gold’s Gym, Equinox, World Gym, YMCA, and many more.

Gym NameSauna & Steam Rooms
Gold’s FitnessSeparate
24 Hour FitnessSeparate
LA FitnessSeparate
Life Time FitnessSeparate
World GymSeparate
Crunch FitnessSeparate
UFC GymSeparate
Goodlife FitnessSeparate

Every gym has its policies and restrictions regarding the use of the sauna. Here is complete information about every gym to help you choose the best one.


Age Restriction18 years and above
Attire AllowedShorts or bathing suit

YMCA is one of the best gym chains that offer a sauna service only for their members. Saunas are only available at selected clubs of YMCA.

The fitness chain offers steam rooms as well in its membership plan. A member can only use the sauna during their opening hours which are 5 AM to 9 PM on weekdays, 7 AM to 5 PM on Saturdays, and 1 PM to 5 PM on Sundays.

Members are allowed in the sauna once they have changed from their gym attire to loose clothing. You are allowed only in if you are wearing a bathing suit or shorts. Rubber sauna suits are strictly not allowed in the sauna rooms.

Members are not allowed to exercise, eat or drink in YMCA saunas. They can take water with them only if it is in an air-tight container. A member can only enter once 15 minutes have passed since their workout.

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Gold’s Gym

Age Restriction16 years and above
Attire Allowed  Bathing suit, or towel

Most Gold’s Gym locations do offer premium sauna experiences to their members. There are steam rooms included in your membership plan.

Before entering the sauna of Gold’s Gym there are some rules and regulations that you have to understand. It is strictly prohibited for any member to enter the sauna after consuming alcohol.

Members below the age of 16 are not allowed in the saunas. A member is only allowed to stay for 15 minutes in a sauna. In addition, the club recommends 10 minutes to avoid excessive exposure to heat.

Most of the saunas found in Gold’s Gym are traditional and run on electricity or gas. The saunas can go as high as 150 Fahrenheit.

Gold’s Fitness respects every member’s privacy as every sauna room has frosted glass. Violation of a member’s privacy by other members can lead to their membership getting canceled.

24 Hour Fitness

Age Restriction12 years and above
Attire Allowed  Bathing suit, or towel

24 Hour Fitness has over 280 clubs across the country and most of them do offer sauna rooms for their members. Other than saunas there are also many various amenities for a member to enjoy.

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Most of the saunas available are traditional and equipped with a timer for every member. This helps ensure that no one faces excessive heat exposure. There are also some rules a member has to follow before using the sauna.

Every member should shower before going for their sauna session and is recommended to carry their towel. Only slippers are allowed inside the sauna.

Members are allowed 10 minutes per sauna session. The saunas found in 24-Hour Fitness are medium-sized. At a time they can only host five to six members.

Kids aged 12 and above are only allowed in the sauna rooms if they are accompanied by an adult. In addition, it is best for the kids to only spend 5 minutes in the sauna rooms. Heat exposure at such a young can create many health and skin issues.

LA Fitness

Age Restriction15 years and above
Attire Allowed  Bathing suit, or loose cotton clothing

LA Fitness may be an easy club to find across the country due to its various locations. But not all locations offer a sauna service. That is why always contact the club you and look for the ones with a sauna.

The area where you can find a sauna in LA Fitness Club is known as “Hot Tubs.” Most saunas in LA Fitness clubs have saunas with heated rocks. Sauna rooms are available as an amenity for every member but there are some rules that they have to follow.

Any member with medical conditions is not allowed to use the sauna rooms. It is best to consult your doctor before using the sauna. No member is allowed in the sauna wearing gym clothing.

The saunas are open during the operational hours of LA Fitness. However, the saunas in various clubs are average-sized and can only host three to four members at a time. It is best to visit the sauna when there are not many members.

Life Time Fitness

Age RestrictionN/A
Attire Allowed  Bathing suits, swimsuits  

Amenities offered in a gym enhance the experience of members. Sauna is one of the best amenities that are offered in LifeTime Fitness to members only. It is one of few fitness chains that have sauna rooms in all its locations across the country.

After a workout, a 10 to 15 minutes session in a sauna will help you in many ways. The sauna rooms in Life Time Fitness are spacious and equipped with wooden benches.

Make sure to comply with all the rules that Life Time Fitness has set for their members using the saunas. There are many locations where the sauna rooms are co-ed so it is strictly prohibited to take phones inside. Exercising is also not allowed.

Don’t forget to take a shower before entering the sauna room. The temperature of Life Time Fitness sauna rooms is around 160 Fahrenheit as they are dry-heat saunas.

If you don’t prefer such a temperature you can always opt for their eucalyptus-infused steam rooms.

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Age Restriction14 years and above
Attire Allowed  Activewear or swim gear  

After a long workout session at Equinox, it is best to head to the sauna to relax. However, not all locations of Equinox are equipped with saunas so you have to inquire before opting for a membership. The amenity is only for members.

Like every gym, Equinox also has a set of rules that every member has to follow to use the sauna room. The sauna rooms are open during the operational hours of the club you are looking to join.

Equinox is very strict about the clothing of its members when entering the sauna. Being shirtless in the sauna is not an option here at Equinox. Activewear or swim gear is the best option.

Don’t forget to have sandals with you as shoes are not allowed inside the sauna. It is recommended not to use the sauna for more than 30 minutes.

However, the temperature of saunas in Equinox is around 180 Fahrenheit so it would be best not to spend more than 20 minutes. Excessive heat exposure in the sauna can cause many issues. The locations with saunas are equipped with the traditional heating system.

World Gym

Age Restriction18 years and above
Attire Allowed  Towel or bathing suit  

World Gym is one of the oldest gyms that have been in the fitness industry since 1976. It offers various amenities including a sauna at all its locations in the US. The fitness chain operates on six continents.

The sauna rooms are only for the members to use but guests can use them if they have a guest pass with them. Saunas can only be used till the club is open. There are some rules that World Gym has set and is very strict about it.

Every member must shower before entering the sauna rooms. Always wear a bathing suit or towel when using the sauna. A member is only allowed to use the sauna for not more than 20 minutes.

Since there may be other members in the sauna rooms it is best to stay quiet as everyone is there to relax. Rules may be different in different countries. It is best to be aware of the rules of sauna rooms before using them.

Falling to comply with the rules can lead to membership cancellation. The saunas in US and Canada are equipped with a wet sauna system.

Crunch Fitness

Age Restriction14 years and above
Attire Allowed  Activewear or swim gear  

Crunch Fitness may be a popular fitness chain in the US but not all locations have saunas for members to use.

The clubs with sauna rooms have a traditional sauna system and are best for members to use and relax after their workout. The temperature can go up to 180 Fahrenheit. It is best not to spend more than 15 minutes in the sauna rooms.

If you are the only member in the sauna room, they can adjust the temperature according to you. Crunch Fitness may not have a long list of rules for its members but is very strict about the rules they have.

Proper clothing is a must, and members are only allowed if they are wearing sandals. Shoes are strictly prohibited in the sauna rooms. Every member needs to shower before entering the sauna for hygiene purposes.

Using a phone in the sauna when there are other members present can lead you to get strikes. Multiple strikes may lead to membership cancellation.


Age Restriction18 years and above
Attire Allowed  Activewear or swim gear  

UFC Gym is surely the place if you are looking for advanced training sessions and premium amenities. It is the best MMA training gym in the country. All the locations of UFC Gym are equipped with top-quality amenities including saunas.

After your hardcore workout, it would be best to head to the sauna room to relax your muscles and mind. UFC Gym is a professional gym and very strict with its rules including the sauna room rules.

Every member is only allowed a session of 20 minutes in the sauna rooms. The sauna rooms are big but there are only a limited number of members allowed due to hygiene reasons. Make sure to take a shower before your sauna session.

UFC Gym uses a dry sauna due to its health benefits. In addition, the temperature in the sauna rooms is around 170 to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. UFC Gym has everything set from a professional point of view that would help the members the most.

UFC Gym is not for basic workout and exercise purposes. It is a professional gym that is best for athletes and hardcore fitness lovers. However, you can join to enjoy their group classes.

After such a workout a session in the sauna is a must. Make sure to comply with all the rules.

Goodlife Fitness

Age Restriction12 years and above
Attire Allowed  Bathing suit or towel  

Goodlife Fitness is one of the best-growing fitness chains in the US. The fitness chain offers many amenities including sauna rooms for its members. However, not all locations have the amenity available.

The saunas found in selected locations are equipped with dry saunas. The amenity is only to be used during the operational hours of the clubs.

Goodlife Fitness has always been strict about the rules involving hygiene factors. Therefore, every member has to shower before entering the pool or sauna. It is recommended for every member to bring their towel as the gym focuses a lot on hygiene.

Limited numbers of people are allowed in the sauna rooms to ensure the safety of every member. The sauna systems are electric in Goodlife Fitness and no member is allowed to touch any machinery of saunas.