Top 13 Gyms with Pool Near You

Regular exercise is known to have numerous benefits for your body. According to experts, 30 minutes of exercise a day is ideal for everyone.

However, finding the right equipment and facilities is also important before you start.

Aside from providing various types of exercise equipment, some gym chains also offer post-workout facilities such as pools, hot tubs, and saunas.

These features can help keep you in good physical health.

Pool For Beginners

For people who are new to exercise, swimming is a great recovery option after a hard lifting day. It can also provide a calorie-burning boost.

Since these facilities help improve circulation and reduce stress, many people use them as part of their regular exercise regime.

Pool For Muscle Recovery

If you’re looking for a place to recover after a hard day of exercise, then a swimming pool is a great option.

The other gym facilities that offer a pool include social features such as yoga, tennis, and racquetball.

They also have various classes and activities for children and adults.

These types of pools not only improve your circulation and relieve stress, but they can also help lower the risk of various diseases.

LA Fitness

LA Fitness Membership Fee | Guest Pass | Swimming Pool | Sauna | Shower | Basketball Court | Childcare | Personal Trainers | Group Classes

LA Fitness is a gym with a pool and has over 600 clubs in North America. Aside from a pool, the company also has a spa and a sauna. According to the company, a 30-minute sauna can increase a person’s overall health.

Family or single memberships can also be obtained at these facilities. They can also benefit from the various classes and equipment that the club offers, such as group classes, personal training, and indoor track.

LA Fitness accepts Mastercard, debit cards, and prepaid cards. However, they do not accept checks, personal checks, and Venmo.

24 Hour Fitness

24-Hour Fitness has over 290 gym locations in over a dozen states. Each facility has a variety of exercise equipment and a clean, welcoming environment.

Its features include an indoor lap pool, a hot tub, and a steam room.

Get a three-day free guest pass to 24-Hour Fitness for a limited time. It includes unlimited studio classes and can be used at any location.

The various features of 24-Hour Fitness include various amenities, including a basketball court, a squash court, a racquetball court, a tanning bed, and a private training room.

Crunch Fitness

Crunch is a leading multi-brand fitness company with over 320 locations in 34 states. Aside from the gym, its members also receive various perks, such as a spa and outdoor pools.

Members can also benefit from its live online video sessions and various multi-club access options, and yoga. They can also earn up to $4 per week off their bill by using their Apple Watch.


With the Equinox gym, members can enjoy a pool as part of their membership package. This benefit is ideal for people who prefer to exercise outdoors.

Equinox has over 30 fitness centers designed to be the best in their area. These feature large indoor lap pools, hot tubs, locker rooms, and steam rooms to maintain a healthy living style.

Equinox in New York has provided various services such as yoga, massage, and body sculpting. Although it doesn’t offer swimming classes, it also has various other facilities.

Gold’s Gym

Members also receive free high-speed internet and childcare. There are also women’s only gym areas in select clubs.

Gold’s gym has over 240 locations in the US. It’s a boutique gym that offers personal training sessions. Only a handful of its facilities offer outdoor pools.

Life Time Fitness

Lifetime, a luxury athletic resort, has over 150 family gyms in the US and Canada. The fitness center has various outdoor pools with water slides and other attractions.

The facilities of these companies vary in terms of their hours of operation and various features. These include free Apple Fitness+, group classes, and child care.

It’s one of the first clubs to give free amenities such as Apple Fitness+ to its members. This feature allows users to monitor and record their exercise sessions while they’re working out.


The Ultimate Fighting Championship is an international sports organization with over 75 locations in the US. Aside from training, it also offers various programs and classes.

Most of the time, the company’s establishments have a variety of aquatics programs, including a swimming pool, whirlpool, and steam room. They also have group fitness classes such as yoga and boxing.

World Gym

World Gym, which has over 200 gyms worldwide, attracts celebrities such as Arnold Schwarzenegger and Lou Ferrigno. Its VIP membership includes unlimited studio classes, free childcare, and discounted personal training.

Their fitness center offers other features of the World Gym including tanning beds, free weights, boxing, and martial arts classes, group classes, and personal trainers.


The American Family YMCA has over 2,000 family fitness locations with nationwide access. They provide various programs and services such as swimming lessons, child care, adult sports programs, and summer camps.

Members can access all of the organization’s local branches with a minimum of 50% usage.

Some of the facilities that offer these services include aquatics programs, exercise machines, and running tracks. They also accept cash for membership fees.

American Family Fitness

American Family Fitness has nine clubs in Virginia. It offers various fitness plans and discounts for students and teachers.

AMFam features various facilities such as an indoor pool, hot tubs, and saunas. It also offers group fitness classes and various other leisure activities.

Vasa Fitness

Vasa Fitness has around 50 health clubs. It features world-class equipment and classes.

The company’s indoor pools are usually 25 meters long. They feature various types of equipment such as a basketball court, rows of exercise equipment, and free weights. They also have various classes such as yoga, tai chi, and bootcamp.

Onelife Fitness

Onelife has over 40 locations in various states. With a gym membership, you can enjoy all of the facilities and classes it has to offer.

Onelife’s fitness center includes saltwater and fresh pools, hydromassage machines, and whirlpools. They also have various classes and equipment for various types of fitness.

In-Shape Health Club

In-Shape has over 60 locations in California. With its child-friendly environment, the gym can cater to all of your child’s needs.

In-Shape Health Club has outdoor and indoor pools. They also offer various classes and activities such as aqua classes, swim times, and group lessons.

The company’s various features include steam rooms, a playground, and a variety of classes and activities.

Average Membership Cost for Gyms with Pools

Getting regular exercise is great for boosting your mood and improving overall well-being. It can also help lower your risk of various lifestyle diseases.

Getting started with gym equipment can be challenging, but joining a fitness club can help you get started with the proper equipment and training.

Aside from the gym, there are also plenty of other perks with membership.

Depending on the type of fitness center and hours of operation, a membership fee can vary. The most affordable gym costs around $9 to $55 a month.

Most gym chains have ideal pools for parties, sports events, and after-workout activities. They also have various social features and facilities.