Does Equinox Have A Basketball Court? (Answered)

Gyms in many countries offer basketball courts as a recreational amenity. For instance, 24 Hour Fitness has a basketball court for members.

Equinox is another gym that offers classes, personal training, and pools. This is why you may want to know whether the club has a basketball court.

Here is all the information you need about whether Equinox has a basketball court or not.

Does Equinox Have A Basketball Court?

Equinox has a full-sized basketball court for members to practice this sport. You can get a membership at one club location by paying $168 and an initiation fee. As a member, you can use the court anytime you want to during the club’s operating hours.

The top thing about Equinox is that it has been operating for many years. However, basketball courts were introduced later during different times.

So it is essential to learn which Equinox branches have a basketball court. This will allow you to get a membership at a suitable location.

Which Equinox Locations Have A Basketball Court?

All locations of Equinox do not have a basketball court because of size restrictions. Typically, you will find the space at high-end branches such as clubs on the Upper East Side of New York.

The best way to know whether your nearest location has a court is by calling the branch. You can ask the operative about the latest information and which locations have courts.

You should also remember that the branches with the space have specific basketball court policies. So you should understand the rules to avoid mishaps.

Equinox Basketball Court Policy

The top rule of the policy is that you must be a member to use the basketball court throughout the year. Moreover, you should not wear slippers or sandals on the ground.

Another thing to remember is that you can use the court during club hours only. Most branches of this chain open at 5 am and close at 9 pm.

You may also want to know who can use the court at this fitness chain. This is because some gyms have restrictions.

Who Can Use The Basketball Court At Equinox?

You can use the basketball court at Equinox if you are a member of this gym chain. The top group of people that can use this amenity at the club is adults.

Kids can also use the basketball court, but they must follow specific rules. Firstly, no children under age 14 can enter the branch and use the amenity.

Besides that, kids age 14 and above have to be supervised by an adult such as a parent or sibling. Guests can also use the court when visiting the location on a free pass.

It will also be good to understand the court size of Equinox. This will help you learn if you can play with a team at this club chain.

How Big Is The Basketball Court At Equinox?

The basketball court at Equinox is indoor and has the same size as most national games’ locations. This means that you can play a match with a complete team easily.

Other Gyms That Have Basketball Courts

GymMembershipBasketball Court
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Gold’s Gym$29.99/moInformation
LA Fitness$38.99/moInformation
24 Hour Fitness$46.99/moInformation

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