Does Lifetime Fitness Have A Basketball Court? (Answered)

Many gyms in the US offer a basketball court to members in the amenities category. For instance, LA Fitness has a basketball court at most of its locations.

Lifetime Fitness is a luxury gym that offers classes and pools at its facilities. If you want to know whether the chain has basketball courts, you’re in the right place. Here is what you need to know about it.

Does Lifetime Fitness Have A Basketball Court?

Lifetime Fitness has a basketball court at its facilities in the US and Canada. You must be a standard or signature member to qualify for accessing the basketball court. Both kids and adults can use this amenity at Lifetime Fitness.

This gym chain has been operating in the US and Canada for thirty years. Since the inception of this fitness club, most locations have had a basketball court.

It is also good to know if all the locations have a basketball court or not. This will prevent you from taking a membership at the wrong branch.

Which Lifetime Fitness Locations Have A Basketball Court?

All Lifetime Fitness locations have a basketball court in the US. Besides that, many branches in Canada also have this amenity. So you can easily get a Lifetime Fitness membership for a basketball court.

Of course, some locations may be keeping the court closed because of COVID-19. This is why you should call the nearest branch before getting a membership.

The clerk will let you know whether the location has a court or not. You can also learn whether the amenity is opened currently and the current basketball court policy.

Lifetime Fitness Basketball Court Policy

The first rule of the policy is that you must wear basketball shoes or athletic footwear on the court. You cannot move around the space barefoot or wear open shoes such as slippers.

Besides that, you must not enter the court outside its operating hours. Typically, the space is open from the morning and closes around the evening.

For instance, most courts are open from 6 am to 8 pm on weekdays. You should also avoid entering the space when kids or teen sessions are taking place.

It is also best to learn who can use the basketball court at Lifetime Fitness. After all, the clubs are not open to all.

Who Can Use The Basketball Court At Lifetime Fitness?

You can use the basketball court at this gym chain if you are a standard or signature member. However, you cannot use this amenity or enter a club location with a digital membership.

Guests can also try out the amenity by visiting the gym on a complimentary tour or guest pass. Besides that, kids under age 12 and adults can enjoy the court at this club.

Learning the size of the court will also help you make an informed decision. After all, you may be requiring the space for professional training.

How Big Is The Basketball Court At Lifetime Fitness?

The basketball courts at Lifetime Fitness have the same size as the national games. This is why the gym chain also holds its own tournaments throughout the year for members.

Other Gyms That Have Basketball Courts

GymMembershipBasketball Court
Crunch Fitness$9.99/moInformation
World Gym$19.95/moInformation
Life Time Fitness$29.99/moInformation
Gold’s Gym$29.99/moInformation
LA Fitness$38.99/moInformation
24 Hour Fitness$46.99/moInformation

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